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BMC Education is pleased to introduce a new subscription services by product.  This new service will allow our customers

and partners to control their education investment. The first subscriptions are for TrueSight Operations Management and are

available for use.


Subscriptions provide a one-stop-shop for customers and partners to have continuous access to the entire Education portfolio.

New content and the latest updates are automatically added to the subscription at no additional charge. Plus, you get exclusive

Education services all at a price that is up to 60% off the price of purchasing courses separately.  The Subscription Service

provides two levels called Explore and Ultimate. BMC is offering the Explore level subscription for free.


Explore is the first level subscription and enables our customers to better understand the key features, benefits, and functionalities

of BMC solutions. It includes several hours of content including: overview training, skills assessment as well as some “how-to videos”.

For customers who desire access to all TSOM education material, they can purchase our Ultimate subscription which is our second

level. Ultimate allows customers and partners to acquire all required skills to successfully deploy, configure, admin, operate,

support and optimize BMC products. It includes all existing BMC Education offers for the product (Web-based Training,

Assisted Self-Paced courses, Instructor Led live or online training, Accreditation and Certification courses).



To request your free Explorer subscription or register for the Ultimate subscription, please visit the links below:


Additional subscription opportunities will be released in the near future. If you have questions about subscriptions, please

contact a BMC Education Adviser.