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As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online experience, we have improved the Create Case feature to better display Possible Solutions as you enter details for the case.

The list of possible solutions are now presented on the right side of the case form and updated as you enter the Product, Subject, and Description to display the most relevant solutions  that resolve known issues.   Matching search terms from the case are displayed in bold so you can see why they were selected.   You can click on a page to display only content from a specific source (such as Knowledge Base, Documentation etc), and clicking on a possible solution opens it in a separate tab so you do not lose the details of the case you are creating. 


We also adjusted the algorithm to prioritize possible solutions which are most relevant and most often used by Support to solve cases,   We believe the better visibility and prioritization of possible solutions will lead to greater success in helping you get the answers you need faster.




We are always looking for ways to improve the online support experience. If you have comments or feedback, please add them below.