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After my first blog on spreading awareness on BMC product compatibility i.e. SPAC application, i am happy to share - we recently had Internal and External SPAC application release on 6th Feb with below release content. SPAC is now fully supported on all browser expected per BMC standards.


Release content:


  • ISPAC support on Internet Explorer (IE) 10, 11 and Google Chrome.
  • Add option in ISPAC to make product “Not-Searchable” in external SPAC.
  • Dynamic implementation of OSPAC tabs.
  • External SPAC (OSPAC) message change from 'Product is being edited' to 'Compatibility information not available'


Defect Resolutions


  • Component record is searchable even if no relationship for that component is added under any License Product.
  • Data in ‘Compatible BMC Products’ tab to be visible by default after search.
  • Product containing comma in the name is searchable.
  • Unfiltered view to be displayed for default selected core Component from solution.


  • Already defined product will not be allowed to save, marking as solution.
  • Master BMC Products table for component hangs due to heavy data load.
  • Space getting replaced with ‘&amp’ for new Service Pack (SP) created on any product.


Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help for SPAC.