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Please find below features that will be released for the License Usage Collection Utility (LUCU) on Friday, January 13th

  1. Support available on German OS and Local
  2. Support on Windows 10
  3. Two new products added
    • Release Process Management (RPM) – Min 4.6 to Max 5.0
    • Release Process Deployment (RPD) – Min 4.8 to Max 5.0

   4. Current product upgrade support added

    • Bladelogic Server Automation - BSA 8.8 & 8.9
    • TrueSight Capacity Optimization – TSCO 10.7

   5. User Interface (UI) changes for improved customer experience

    • Tool tip on email reports button to notify user to select the record
    • “Current License Report Run” label updated with appropriate text
    • “LU Supports: English input language characters, numerals and special characters” note on manage deployment tab
    • BSA 8.7 and forward all respective locations text changed from ‘BSA8.7’ to ’Blade’




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