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As part of our ongoing dedication to improving your BMC online customer experience, several enhancements to the Search BMC Support feature and content on Support Central have been implemented recently, including:


  • Search for explicit matches using double-quotes, so you can find exact matches on phrases
  • Filtered results to multiple products sharing common terms, so you can more easily filter results to a group of products
  • Included new online documentation and communities in product-specific searches, particularly for TrueSight products, so more content is found when selecting TrueSight products
  • Updated Knowledge Articles for Footprints Service Core, Track-It!, and SQL Backtrack products so more useful solutions are available for these products
  • Suppressing Mainframe PTF search results with no solution, so more useful results are returned when searching for Mainframe product solutions


In the table below, we have listed special options that can now be used directly in the search box to improve results.


Returns all rowsExample
termcontaining terminstall
term1 term2containing both term1 and term2message catalog
term1 OR term2containing either term1 or term2

oracle OR db2

to search for content regarding oracle or db2

"term1 term2 term3"containing exactly the phrase between double-quotes

  "message not in catalog"

to find results with the phrase

+termcontaining exactly term, not other words sharing the same root

to find results with “install” but not installer or installation

@date >= todaywhere date is today

( @date > today -30d )

  to find content modified in last 30 days.

@bmcproductname=termwhere product name includes term


  to filter results to all products that contain Remedy in the name


View a quick video demonstrating these features.


For our power users...


We have added a useful new feature is the ability to filter to multiple products at once. To filter results to a group of product names containing a term, use:    @bmcproductname=   as a search term.

For example, to look for information about permissions for the Remedy products, add the search term: @bmcproductname=Remedy

This will filter results to products with “Remedy” in the product name, even if “Remedy” is not in the content itself.  This is the best way to ensure all content is returned for a group of related products, yet exclude content from unrelated products.



A negative side-effect of enabling these features is that it also enables an advanced search option for nested queries using square brackets.


When searching on a string using square brackets such as:

ARERR [552]

this error will occur:  Your query has an error: Invalid syntax


You can avoid this error by either removing the brackets or enclosing the string in double-quotes. We are planning to address this issue by displaying a message to the user when they enter a query with square brackets to explain the error and how to avoid it.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Search capabilities, and we want to hear from you about what works well and what needs to be improved.    If you would like to provide feedback on the Search experience at any time, click on the vertical “Feedback” image in the search results on Support Central, send me a message, or leave a comment below.