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Many of you provide us very useful feedback in our various surveys about the online experience that BMC offers. That can be done through this floating icon that is shown on the right-hand side of many of our webpages:

Feedback bar - font 22.png


It has been some time since I last summarized how we have been following up on that feedback and working to improve the online experience, even in subtle ways. The last summary can be found here: Follow-up on Support Central homepage survey responses from customers


We now have online surveys to capture feedback in our downloads area (EPD) and search engine as well as Support Central. A cross-departmental team meets weekly to read through your comments and take remedial action to address the feedback. We also appreciate the positive comments that we get too of course!


Here is just a selection of feedback submitted by Communities members. With your continued help we can continue to improve!


  • Manoj Dikonda, Juan Ingles, Kathy Kieirg, Ratna Patil and Piotr Gulbicki had an issue with a Support ID that was resolved. Support ID's are explained in more details than ever before in the BMC customer orientation checklist. Tom Ward is leading efforts to improve the 'adding a Support ID' process.
  • Jorge Viegas was looking for a Remedy download. We created a 'featured result' in our search engine to make our Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) even easier to find.
  • Brent Maloney told us about an issue with using Partner IDs that was fixed.
  • Charles Minter suggested some filter improvements for consultants using case management that were implemented back in March.
  • Grant Scurrah had some difficulty finding Footprints error messages, we checked and in fact using Search we could find several references to them.
  • Alvaro Paronuzzi gave us lots of useful feedback about case management and the related email layout, attachments and subject lines (fixed) and knowledge base article reference numbers (fixed)
  • Wolfgang Prescher , Jamsheer KK and Steve Kline gave us lots of useful feedback on the new case management system and search engine shortly after it was launched.
  • Sourabh Puranik let us know that case management wasn't working right when logged in as a partner and we fixed that.
  • Craig Ross and Aurora Dellanno gave us some feedback on PTF files that Janet Sessarego helped to resolve.
  • Jim Gingras had an issue with accessing Control-D documentation that was resolved.
  • Michael Luttmann had problems to use our search engine due to browser security settings. Roger Dittmer has a similar issue related to firewall settings.
  • Rich Bone reported an issue with documentation PDFs not being accessible which we fixed.
  • Lori Munro and Gary Finlay reported a performance issue that we resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Somebody reported that they were looking for gardening tools! We told them that they might be trying to get in touch with another BMC in Sri Lanka:  Lanka Building Materials Corporation Limited::..
  • Arjun Nagabandla wanted to retain the same BMC ID even when different working for different customers. We explained how to do that.
  • Steven Cochran couldn't find PUT maintenance because it had been replaced.
  • prabhat srivastava was looking for Mainframe 'video tutorials' and was then directed to Product Demonstrations. Other customers have had some issues finding eFix
  • Danny Kellett asked about the search engine within Electronic Product Distribution (EPD). We are working towards a large improvement for that next year.
  • Warren Baltimore gave us some feedback on Remedy documentation which has been area we have been focused on improving for the Service Pack 2 release in particular.
  • Tosho Zaprianov had difficulty finding some older knowledge base articles. Gayle Melton pointed out that some older Control-M webinars were referencing legacy knowledge base ID numbers as well. We have now fixed that by adding legacy knowledge base article numbers into the new versions of those same knowledge base articles.
  • Eric Plunk was looking for some ADDM video tutorials which we helped him find and then made sure others could too by improving tagging.
  • Timo K gave us some detailed feedback on the time filters of our search results. We are close to deploying the fix from the vendor.
  • Rebecca Shalfield gave us a great idea to improve the user interface in the AZ Listing.
  • Joao Bras gave us some feedback about Numara knowledge bases that led to us re-running a data migration.
  • Greg Whitney asked us why using quotes "" in our search engine wasn't working. That one's a long story , but we are planning to restore the functionality next month.


When filling out feedback survey notes to us, please include your email address as without knowing who the feedback is from, it is hard for us to follow up fully.