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What is SPAC?

SPAC is the single source for all BMC Product Availability and Compatibility information, presented in a structured manner. SPAC is easily accessible, through our Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) and A-Z product information applications, both hosted on BMC Support Central.


SPAC 3.0

                        We are constantly working to improve our customer experience by getting the required product information into our SPAC database. Recent analytic demonstrate a high ‘visit success’ rate, with 2000+ customers visiting SPAC each month and successfully finding the information they are looking for!


     What’s new in SPAC 3.0?

  1. In order to more efficiently gather your feedback on SPAC we have added a new survey feature. Just visit SPAC and let us know your concerns and/or requirements. Select yes if you are satisfied and if not satisfied select appropriate option like Missing Info, Confusing etc. and leave your feedback.

  2. SPAC 3.0 adds information on our products’ language supportability, letting you know if the BMC product that you have procured or are planning to procure can be run on non-English platforms.

  3. Search results have been enhanced to get only defined relation information.

  4. Multiple internal improvements to improve data entry and quality.


Tell us!

          Perhaps you are familiar with this application, or possibly you have had trouble finding it on our website before? Do you use SPAC often? Have you found it helpful? Is something missing from the product data? 


We want to hear from you!