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Are you prepared to protect your BMC business solutions?


Proactive Notifications provide advance warning for critical situations and allow you to avoid a potential
business crisis. The Proactive Notification service also provides alerts directly to you when there is

important new information for your products.


Some key benefits of signing up for BMC Proactive Notifications are:

  • You receive immediate notification of critical issues such as security patch requirements and
    critical software updates.
  • You receive email “push notifications” – these provide the information directly to you rather
    than requiring you to check with BMC for updates.
  • You receive notifications of availability of updates for your BMC solutions
    • New versions
    • Service packs
    • Product Release Notes (description of the changes and updates to the product)
  • You choose which products you are notified about
    • You control what types of updates you want, on which products, and you can change your
      options at any time
  • You select which level of notifications you want
    • Flash Notifications (Only critical notices)
    • Technical Bulletins
    • Product Release Notes
    • Third-Party Software Support Bulletins
    • White Papers
    • Education Update
    • Product Change Notification
    • Online Documentation Updates
    • Or, any combination of the above


To subscribe to Proactive Notifications, please go to the Proactive Alert Subscriptions page on Support

Central. You will see a table with all the BMC products listed in it like the image below.

Scroll down to find the products for which you want to receive alerts and then check the box(es) for

the type of alerts you want. When you are done, hit the Submit button to subscribe to those alerts.

You can also click the View Your Customized Product List button to see a list of products for which

you are already receiving alerts.


A video showing how to setup Proactive Alerts can be viewed by clicking this link.


Go to Proactive Alerts and sign up for this free service today. We would love to hear your feedback

and suggestions about Proactive Alerts.  


Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.