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A few changes have been made recently to Search BMC Support to improve search results.     All special  Query syntax operators were disabled – so search terms are now searched as simple text.   This provides better search behavior when searching for certain error messages, parameters, or filter names or locations.   Before the changes, some searches would return syntax errors or abbreviated results because characters like square-brackets, slashes and underscore characters were interpreted instead of searched as part of a string.   Unfortunately, this change also disables searching for terms in double-quotes as an explicit search.  This change is a improvement to the majority of searches performed, but some users will miss the ability to search on explicit phrases   We are working on a solution that will bring that capability in a future release.



Several search relevance adjustments have also been made to improve the relevance of results.  For example, articles which are used more by Support or clicked on more often by Support Central Users will be ranked a little higher in the search results so the most used knowledge is easier to find.   Community discussions with replies will also be ranked higher than discussions without replies, to better reflect the most useful information.   Finally, the search has been updated to automatically pad searches on numbers with leading zeros to make searching on IDs easier.  For example, searching on 92447 with filter knowledge article 000092447.




We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Search capabilities, and we want to hear from you about what works well and what needs to be improved.    We added two new ways to provide feedback. A random sample of users will receive a pop-up survey question whether they were able to find content which addresses their need.   We use this information to understand how well the Support Search and knowledge base are working for you.   If you would like to provide feedback on the Search experience at any time, click on the vertical  “Feedback” image in the search results.  The survey asks you to also rate the relevance of search results, easy of navigation, and quality of knowledge base articles.  If you would like a response to your feedback, provide your email address.