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In our efforts to continue evolving Support Central based on your feedback, we have improved three
features on the Support Central web site. The three improvements are:

  • Support News Information Ticker
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Additional Search Box


                                       Support News Moves to a Ticker Format

The Support News section of Support Central previously resided below the information banner and

contained the three most recent articles. Now, we have transformed the Support News section to a

Web Ticker that scrolls the titles of articles. We have also moved it to the top of the page. You can

either click on the title of the article, which will take you to the news article in the BMC Customer

Support Community or you can select “View All News” to view any article in the Community.

Support Central News Ticker.png


                                          Changing the Feedback Mechanism

Since the Support Central redesign last year, we have had a static information box for Feedback. To

make the page more streamlined, we have removed the information box and replaced it with a floating

tab on the right hand side of the page, as seen in the image below. This, in combination with the change

in the Support News, will reduce the overall size of the Support Central main page and reduce the need

to scroll to find the information they need.

Support Central Fedack_New.png


                                                        Search Box on Every Page

We have added a new search box in the upper navigation bar in addition to the main search box on the

Support Central home page. This new search box will appear on each Support web page, allowing you to

utilize the same search capability from any page without having to return to the main Support Central page.

Support Central Search.png

Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.