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Recently you have given us a lot of feedback about poor performance (loading times) of our Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) application. You use that application on Support Central to download software from BMC.


We noticed that the average load time for certain pages in EPD was increasing and there were occasionally times when the application was unacceptably slow to respond. From your comments on our surveys we knew that you were experiencing this problem and that galvanized us into rapid action.


We immediately began an investigation to determine the root cause using a collection of our own products like BMC Transaction Monitoring Application Response Timer (TMART). This helped us to identify and optimize the heaviest queries being run against the database for the application. We also made some configuration changes to memory and table spaces.


From our own monitoring we believe has led to far better performance in the EPD (downloads) application, particularly when loading the 'Component View' page.


We'd like to hear from you though? Have you noticed this improvement when searching for downloads?


Thad Esser, Keith Fawcett, Anesh A Kurian Kurian, Jose Quintero, Paul Seager-Smith, you all wrote to us about performance problems. Thank you as always for your feedback, but do you see an improvement now? Remedy ITSM, Remedy AR System, Using Communities, have you noticed an improvement?


(P.S. There is some further improvement in EPD performance still to come...)


Many thanks to all at BMC that were involved.