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BMC Support upgraded its Search Support feature in late 2015 resulting in over 740,000 knowledge

resources across more than 300 products.  As a result of the upgrade, the monthly search sessions

have doubled. This five-minute video shares tips for searching effectively for the information you need.


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One of the goals of the upgrade

was to make search more

versatile so users can easily

navigate the available knowledge

to find a solution. The general

guideline is to enter descriptive

search terms and then add more

details in order to narrow the

search down to the information

that is needed.



This video demonstrates how to effectively search for:

  • a specific symptom, using the number of results to decide whether to add or remove search terms
  • general information such as best practices, by adding more context and restricting results by product
    name, source, or content type

The video also demonstrates how to use the Partial Match feature described in Support Central Updates .



We are constantly looking for ways to improve our

Search capabilities. We want to hear from you about

what works well and what needs to be improved.

Click here and take our Support Central survey.

1. Select “Searching for a solution” as the reason for
    visiting Support Central.

2. Rate how well Support Central meet your needs

    (1 -5 stars).

3. Enter your feedback about Search in the

    “Suggestions for improving the site” field.

4. If you would like a response to your feedback,

    please enter your email address in the last field.



Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.