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Last year we significantly upgraded the knowledge base functionality available from BMC Support Central. The new system is faster, more flexible in search options, and includes content from BMC Communities. As a result of that upgrade we wanted to let you know that links to knowledge articles on the old search system will no longer work after this month. This post lets you know what is new and different about sharing knowledge articles on BMC Communities, and how to access knowledge articles when the old link gives a 404 error.


What’s the same?

  • You can copy the URL when viewing a knowledge article,  bookmark it and share it

What’s new?



What’s different?



Finding knowledge using the legacy KA ID


   Links to knowledge articles in the old system using this format:


   will no longer work when the legacy system is decommissioned soon, but you can find the same knowledge article by using the KA number at the end of the URL by searching on it, For example,


When sharing knowledge Articles via links, note:


If you want to learn more about the new search capabilities, see  Support Central Updates or Searching the BMC Knowledge Base