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Case Management

We are introducing an updated design that allows you to quickly locate a single Case, filter a list of Cases down to

those which meet specific criteria, and sort the list of Cases by clicking on the title of the column.


To make finding a particular Case easier, we have combined the Open and Closed Case list into a single Case

list. You don’t need to know whether a Case is open or closed to be able to find it. You can also limit the list of

displayed Cases by selecting options which combine to filter the Case list. You can choose to display:


- Cases you submitted

- All Cases you can see

In combination with
- Only pen cases

- Only Closed cases

- All cases


In conjunction with the filtering described above, you can further limit your displayed Cases to those created or
last updated within a date range you select (maximum 90-day span between Start and End dates).
You may also select a Case attribute from the menu, and enter a term to search for in your filtered Cases.
You may search using:
3.png- Case Number

- Support ID

- Product

- Subject

- Account Name



If you search for a Case by using the Case ID, none of the filtering above applies – you can just enter

the ID and click the search icon. If you have access to that case ID, it will be displayed without regard

to the other filter selections.


Product, Account and Subject searches use “like” matching, so partial search terms can be used.


You may sort the Case list by clicking on the header title of any column. The first click sorts that column

ascending, and clicking again reverses the order. It is important to note that when sorting, the entire set

of Cases which meet  your filter criteria is sorted, not just the page currently displayed.


To improve the responsiveness of the site for you, the Case list is now broken into pages of ten

Cases maximum per page, and a maximum of 10 pages (100 Cases) are retrieved at a time. If

your filter settings give you access to more than 100 Cases, you will see a “Next 100” button in

the page controls at the bottom of the Case list.



Search Capabilities

We also implemented new search capabilities at the end of 2015 to deliver more search results,

more quickly. These new capabilities also search more content including BMC Communities and

online help, return more than one list of results and can filter content by a number of facets.

The new search allows you to select the source of the results like Knowledge Base, Documentation,

Communities, Support Central or All (default).


Once you have selected the source, you can filter content based on Product Name, File Type and Year.


You can also sort your results based on Relevance or Date.


When logging a case on the web, the product, version, and description are used to search for possible

solutions as shown below.


In the next release of Search, “Partial Match” search will be released. When future searches are executed

with 4 or more search terms, results of 50% or more of the search terms will be matched. For example, if

you search for “agent crash database query”, results which match two or more of the words in the query

will be displayed. Currently, search requires all four words to be in an item before that item will appear in

your search results. Searches with 3 or fewer search terms will continue to look for a match on all terms,

allowing searches for specific technical terms. We will continue to learn and update the search

mechanism to ensure that we will be delivering the right solutions to your problems.

We also want your feedback on the new search engine. Click here to launch our feedback survey. Select

the first option “Searching for a solution” and enter your specific feedback in the text box “Please let us

know if you have any suggestions for improving this site”. If you would like a response to your feedback,

please include your name and email so we can get back to you.


If you are new to Support Central, please go to our User Guide for more information. We have included

some quick links below that will get you started.


Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.


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