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We are continually working to improve our EPD (Electronic Product Distribution) site/application to make it easier for you to use. We know from your feedback that the site and function are among the most important we offer, but that we have a way to go to fully satisfy your expectations with it.


In the last 12 months we have:


  • Improved the user interface several times over
  • Improved internet browser support to now include IE9 (and up), Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Optimized the database behind EPD
  • Added a 'Chat' option to Help
    • chat icon.png
  • Aligned the look and feel to other BMC websites (and this is more to come)
  • Made the 'Export Compliance And Access Terms' page easier to use and stored choices in a cookie.
    • Export Compliance page.png


This has led to a sustained 10% increase in your satisfaction with EPD.


We have just delivered some further improvements though:


  • Cookies are no longer needed to store your Export Compliance page settings. We now write them to your EPD profile, meaning that those of you who have an issue with the cookie storage method will now also have your Export Compliance settings stored and remembered, enabling access to EPD that much faster.
  • We now store the last view (licensed products or component view) that you used, so that EPD looks the same as when you last used it, improving familiarity with the user interface
  • We fixed a viewing problem when scrolling through lists and a text wrapping issue too


We have more of these incremental improvements to come for EPD that we hope to roll out regularly, but we are also working on something bigger behind the scenes. We are developing a link capability that will allow us to give you a link for a particular download file, product or patch, negating the need to navigate to it through the admittedly slow EPD interface. You will eventually see those links in knowledge base articles, documentation and case solutions and further ahead in the user interfaces of BMC products. We believe that this will speed up the process of finding and downloading the files that you are looking for.


I'd love to hear from Bernard Stern and Michael Madonna in particular about the changes that we just made to the Export Compliance page and storing your selections more thoroughly. Has it made a difference? You have both mentioned your frustrations with this page to us in the past. However, we welcome comments from everybody about these changes.