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As you might remember we recently launched a new homepage for Support Central: The New BMC Support Central Has Arrived.

Support Central homepage - logged out 2.jpg

Both before and after that launch you may have noticed a survey appearing on the site asking for your feedback.


Many of you also left written feedback comments in your survey responses which we have been using to great effect to improve the site even further in the last weeks. In many cases we have got in touch with you directly in order to discuss the issue or request that you highlighted.


In this post I want to update those users that we didn't contact directly and also provide an update on some common requests and issues. your feedback is very important for us and we are actively improving the support and other online experiences of BMC as a result. Please keep the feedback coming!


  • Performance of the new issue management section on the homepage
    • We have tested this extensively, using various browsers and customer profiles. Whilst there is still some opportunity to optimize performance we believe to be acceptably quick for all users. If  you don't feel that is the case for you, tell us. Wayne Barnes, Robert Bowen and Alok Kumar you mentioned this.
  • Knowledge base performance
    • We plan to deliver a new knowledge base technology late this year which will transform your experience of searching and using knowledge bases. Kelly Abram, Maria Acosta and Chris Puente this will address your feedback as well.
  • Ivan Pirishanchin, you mentioned problems with attachments whilst managing issues. Our issue management system is also set to be overhauled this year and the problem you describe will be eradicated with that new system. Uday Joshi, this should address your feedback as well.
  • Christopher Grassi, you asked about a 'Getting Started' video for the new homepage, we are working on that.
  • Fernando Ordaz and Prashant Patil, you asked about associating the name of the company with the Support ID in the issue management section's support ID drop-down. That improvement will be delivered in the next few weeks.
  • Atilla Onur, you asked for the Support ID selection to be automatically populated in the issue management form if it had been previously selected on the homepage. We plan to deliver that within the next few weeks also.
  • Doug Johnson, you were having an issue with Internet Explorer 9 that you were directly contacted about, we are still investigating the issue. Feli Brachthaeuser I think you may have been having the same issue; sometimes seeing a 404 page. Are you also using Internet Explorer 9 by any chance?
  • Sriramakrishna Laxminarayan the Parameter Reference database can be found under the 'resources' navigation menu.
  • Blake Bowlin, Communities should be even easier to find than before, but I don't think that we can accommodate your request for 'ticket times' in the user's timezone.
  • Bhupendra Rajpurohit we are making some changes to the layout of the homepage which should address the suggestions you gave on use of white space.
  • License key information should now be easier to find via the navigation  Scott Hines
  • Requests for enhancement / ideas were difficult to find for John Thompson. they are hosted in the Communities for many product lines and that is mentioned in the Communities icon's subtext. is that clear enough?


Please follow this community if you would like to be updated on this and other support-related discussions in the future.