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To ensure our ability to support our customers continuously, BMC conducts annual disaster recovery tests on all our corporate systems.

On Friday and Saturday, May 15/16, BMC will be conducting our annual Disaster Recovery Drill for 2015. During this drill, all corporate systems will be redirected to our secondary data center, tested, and redirected back to our primary site.

Systems will move between data centers incrementally, so you may experience interruptions of various web site services at any time during the exercise.

We anticipate two significant windows of service interruption during the data center transition times. On Friday, May 15th, from 10:00PM CT - 2:00AM CT, and again on Saturday, May 16th, from 12:00 Noon CT - 6:00PM CT.

If you encounter a critical problem at any point during this exercise, please phone our Global Contact Center for immediate assistance.

We appreciate your patience as we confirm the reliability of our corporate systems and our disaster recovery processes.