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BMC inSight

We are pleased to announce that we are looking for customers to pilot the BMC inSight utility.

What is it?

BMC inSight is a new utility that is designed to simplify the support of your BMC products by making it easier to log well defined issues with all of the necessary information about your BMC configuration.

What products are supported?

The pilot release supports BMC Remedy 7.6.04 and higher on Windows and Linux platforms.

What does it do?

The pilot release will help you to gather installation and configuration information for BMC Remedy suite and send this data to BMC. This will greatly aid in the issue management process.


How does it work?

inSight diagram.jpg

N.B. Grey = Planned capabilities not in the pilot version

The BMC inSight utility can easily be installed on an administrator's desktop. After adding the server names and administrator credentials of servers running BMC products, the utility will scan, retrieve and compile a detailed set of information including server operating system, BMC product version, key configuration files and some log files. This information is then collated into a report that can be reviewed or sent by email back to BMC for analysis and use in issue management.


How do I get involved?

Please add a comment below and give us your:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Remedy version installed (must be equal to or higher than 7.6.04)
  • Operating system version of your BMC Remedy suite installation


This request to join the pilot will be reviewed by the team behind the BMC inSight utility. We will then send you a notification advising you of the next steps, including downloading the pilot software and the use cases to run.