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Experience has taught us good planning is a key ingredient in successful product upgrades, and we want you to be successful. The BMC Assisted MIGration Offering program - AMIGO - was created to help foster these successful upgrades, but as I’ll describe below, it’s not as simple as describing how to upgrade.


The AMIGO program has two phases. Both are free to supported customers simply by logging an issue and opting-into the program.


The first step is an introduction to the program and providing you the AMIGO1 knowledge article which lists the content resources you should consider in your upgrade plan.   Logging a ticket is not necessary for this - the knowledge articles are identified and available to supported customers who login to the knowledge base.  Most of these resources are also available in the product documentation, but there are occasionally additional resources such as a webinar that is meant to share or describe the information in a different way. This is really no more than a list of resources that are relevant to upgrade planning – but it avoids the “I wish I had known that before I started” experiences – by providing a simple checklist of resources to double-check.


The second step of the AMIGO program is to schedule a time to discuss your upgrade plan with a member of Customer Support.  This step is also triggered by logging an issue a few weeks before the planned upgrade.


Is Customer Support the best resource for creating upgrade plans?  Of course not.   Is Customer Support good at spotting potential problems in written upgrade plans?  Yes - surprisingly good - based on feedback from participants in our AMIGO program. It makes sense if you think about it – Customer Support has a unique perspective from continually learning from failures, looking for root causes, and looking for what could have prevented them.   Ask a support person for a list of everything that can go wrong, and they may be able to list one percent, and typically just recent experiences.  But tell them what you are planning to do and ask, “What could go wrong?”   The question prompts distant but relevant details to spring to mind.    Knowledge becomes tacit at the time of inquiry – and the AMIGO program takes advantage of this phenomenon to pave the way to more successful upgrades.


Also, it is sometimes just good to discuss your plans with someone with a completely different perspective – someone not involved in creating the plan.  In some cases, the Support Analyst has a fresh perspective and spots a potential problem area that can be investigated before it impacts the upgrade process.   In other cases, explaining or discussing the plan with someone not involved in creating the plan triggers an insight into an assumption or hidden risk in the plan, perhaps introduced in subsequent drafts of the plan.  So there are several ways the AMIGO2 discussion with Customer Support can identify potential risks.  Some of the reasons are not obvious, but the important thing is the interaction it seems to help.


There is one more virtuous cycle we have noticed from the AMIGO program.  Having these “what if” discussions about upgrade plans helps us identify gaps in resources for planning upgrades, allowing us to drive improvement without having actually encountered issues, by better understanding what factors led up to a problematic step in the plan.  We call this success through proper planning, and it seems to work for all the reasons you would never expect.


The AMIGO program is available for TrueSight Server Automation, The specified item was not found. , Remedy ITSM including Remedy AR System and CMDB , TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt, Middleware Automation and BMC Control-M

and Capacity Optimization


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