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Some product communities have blog posts with the title "Trending in Support" - who creates these and what is the target audience?


BMC Customer Support speaks each day with many IT professionals planning, implementing, using or administering BMC Software applications and solutions.  This experience gives us a perspective on what is trending in product usage.  The goal of the blogs is to share that experience on BMC Communities by picking a topic to explain in greater depth.  Potential topics may include:


  • Explaining symptoms that have many possible causes
  • Undocumented ways to accomplish an objective
  • Understanding how a feature works, its configuration, and  implementation trade-offs
  • Diagnostics for monitoring and investigating a type of product issue
  • Keys to success and useful resources for preparing for a particular task


Thoughts and suggestions are always those of the author and do not necessarily represent BMC Software's position, strategies or opinions.  The goal of these articles is to explain topics differently from other information sources and share insights from the author that may help others in the community.  We welcome feedback on the articles.  The community provides a good place to share different perspectives and ideas on topics, and providing these will enrich both the author’s perspective and other community members who view the article.


Trending in Support blogs - formerly named "Pulse Blog" - are posted in the applicable product community, and use the label “trending_support” so you can find similar content by searching on that label.


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You can also find Pulse Blogs by product line by Follow'ing the docs listed below, so you will receive notification when new ones are added:


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