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Welcome to the BMC Customer Support Community


BMC Customer Support has long operated as a close-knit community, albeit an internal one.  The nature of finding the best solution or plan of action to a problem is an inherently collaborative exercise.  A customer working on an issue will work directly with the analyst assigned to the issue, but the analyst is pursuing a plan built from their own experience plus insights, suggestions and input from others.


As individuals and as an organization, we keep in mind that our goal is enabling customers’ success using BMC Software applications and solutions, and working issues is just a subset of the activities to accomplish that goal.


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You may have noticed Customer Support has been contributing articles in BMC product communities where we share details from our experience using product features.  We work with customers using the products extensively, so we have experience to share on what works best, areas where we see customers struggling, and recent features that would be helpful to a lot of customers.   Hopefully this information is helpful for our mutual goal of success with BMC Software products.  Please let us know. We have already made several changes to the way we have chosen topics, develop and post the material, and we are always looking to improve.  Every community thrives on participation, interaction and feedback.  Together, we can find better solutions by finding what works, sharing it, gathering ideas what may work better, trying it, and building a better solution iteratively.




The following resources describe some of the kinds of content Customer Support delivers in Communities and the motivation behind them:


Please let us know if you find them useful and how we can improve them.


About this community


There are separate communities dedicated to products, market topics, and user groups.  If you are new to BMC Communities, see the BMC Communities Overview video to understand the structure and user interface.


The purpose of the Customer Support Community is to discuss how to better serve you.  It is an open forum, so it is not appropriate for actually working issues with BMC Customer Support.  Many product community spaces in BMC Communities have active discussion post where community members ask and answer questions to help each other on product related matters. Questions about product issues should be either directed to one of those communities, or to BMC Customer Support through one of the official Support channels – Web, Email, Phone, or for some products, Chat.  If a product question or concern is inadvertently posted to this community, it will be moved to the appropriate product community – assuming that was the intent – to get feedback from the community.


Also, Ideas for improvements to products should also be posted in the appropriate product community. These ideas get visibility from other community members who use those products, who can vote for or against ideas. They can also add feedback regarding how they would use the feature.  This process of discussing and refining ideas is an excellent example of how to use social media - and BMC Communities in particular – to develop the idea and gain wider understanding of the need. See Getting started with product ideas to understand more about Ideas and how they are used in product communities.


Similarly, an idea can be posted to the Customer Support Community, for example:  I would like to be able to chat with Customer Support, because it is a quick way to get quick feedback on a simple question when I need it. In the case of Chat, this idea is already being pursued and rolled out, but it does illustrate the kind of idea which would be good to post in this community.


Please note there may be some delay in response to ideas and questions posted on this community. Helping customers resolve reported issues must come first, but the goal of this community is to explore additional opportunities for success using BMC Software applications and solutions.