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Recently, one of BMC's customers asked:Why can't there simply be a list of all available patches, service packs, etc. for each version listed in one place and a simple link to access it?


We're glad to announce that BMC launched exactly that feature at the beginning of 2017. Much of our documentation now uses those direct links, negating the need to search for downloads. You'll find these direct "deep-links"; in knowledge articles, email notifications, community content and, best of all, on our new product support pages. Find your product in the product support pages listing and expand the download section to try one of the deep-links out.


Our documentation writers and support staff are now using this method of linking to downloads in all our recently produced documentation.


When you follow one of these links you will see a new, cleaner interface for our download center:

EPD deep-link, customer view.png


Please let us know if you have any feedback on this new feature.


The consolidation of information into one notification quarterly allows the customer to view changes to their products with valuable information including effective dates, end of support dates and migration plans for product renames, product replacements and product withdrawals.


See Product Change Notification


IS&T and Customer Success have just launched over sixty new product support pages that bring together product information, knowledge articles, Community posts, downloads and much more. These pages bring the most relevant product information for any given BMC product into a single location. Pages are product and version specific.

Product Support page - Remedy AR.png

BMC's most popular products have a page available, through a simple predictive search field and A-Z listing, sorted by product line:

Product Support landing page-short.png

Some of the features that the pages offer are...

  • Version specific information:

Product Support pages - version dropdown.png

  • An easier way to sign-up for product alerts / proactive notification emails:

Product Support pages - proactive notifications.png

  • Product life-cycle information:

Product Support pages - lifecycle info.png

  • Easy access to case management:

Product Support pages - case management.png

  • Easy access to product specific search results via our company-wide search tool:

Product Support pages - search.png

  • Expandable sections

Product Support pages - expandable sections.png

  • Direct access to specific documentation areas:

Product Support pages - documentation section.png

  • Answered questions:

Product Support pages - answered questions section.png

  • All the ‘How-to’ videos for this product in one place:

Product Support pages - video section.png

  • The most recent knowledge articles for the product:

Product Support pages - Knowledge section.png

  • Immediate click-through to the exact downloads and patches for the product and version:

Product Support pages - Downloads section.png

  • A richly-featured Communities section:

Product Support pages - Communities section.png

  • A built-in feedback mechanism, so you can let us know what you think

Product Support pages - Feedback.png

If you have any feedback about the pages, we would love to hear from you! Please leave any thoughts below or, better still, on the pages themselves in the feedback section.


Many thanks!


Including product communities for visibility Server Automation Client Management Discovery / ADDM FootPrints service desk Mainframes Solutions MainView Digital Workplace / MyIT Remedyforce Track-It! TrueSight Operations Mgmt TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt TrueSight Capacity Optimization Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM Atrium CMDB Atrium Orchestrator Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt Remedy OnDemand TMART TrueSight Middleware Mgmt TrueSight App Visibility Manager Database Automation Network Automation SecOps Response Service Solutions for DB2 MLC Software Cost Optimization MainView


Change is coming for Track-It! , FootPrints service desk, and Client Management customers!



In early 2018, the “Numara Support site” ( will be replaced by a new site. The new site will be integrated into BMC Single-Sign-On, and will provide a better customer experience.



  • If you have not already done so, register with BMC Support Central to get your credentials to the new site. (NOTE: credentials will not work)
  • Once registered, subscribe to BMC Proactive Notifications
  • Keep an eye out for future updates

As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online experience, we have improved the Create Case feature to better display Possible Solutions as you enter details for the case.

The list of possible solutions are now presented on the right side of the case form and updated as you enter the Product, Subject, and Description to display the most relevant solutions  that resolve known issues.   Matching search terms from the case are displayed in bold so you can see why they were selected.   You can click on a page to display only content from a specific source (such as Knowledge Base, Documentation etc), and clicking on a possible solution opens it in a separate tab so you do not lose the details of the case you are creating. 


We also adjusted the algorithm to prioritize possible solutions which are most relevant and most often used by Support to solve cases,   We believe the better visibility and prioritization of possible solutions will lead to greater success in helping you get the answers you need faster.




We are always looking for ways to improve the online support experience. If you have comments or feedback, please add them below.


A large education offer like BMC´s training and certification program with more than 200 courses and certifications can sometimes look confusing. You

might ask yourself, which courses and certifications you need based on your role and responsibilities and in which order you should take them.


The education team has designed new graphical learning paths for our course pages on and just released them for the major products a few

days ago. The graphical learning paths will provide a great overview of the courses by product, version and role. They will also highlight which training

courses BMC recommends and provide the recommended order and possible alternatives.


Below is an example of the new graphical learning path for BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x:


Which Learning Paths Have Been Released?


You can access the learning paths page on the BMC education web page by the clicking the link below.


BMC Education has crCertified_Expert_hires.jpgeated a new level of certification, the Certified Expert. The BMC Certified Expert level builds upon the Certified Professional credential enabling experienced customers, partners, and employees to reach the next level of skills needed to deploy, configure, operate, and support complex BMC solutions. The first four Expert Level courses are:



Each Expert Level course includes 3 days of intensive hands-on experience, a one-hour Q&A session with a BMC top product expert, and various topics around integration, troubleshooting, tips and tricks, and deeper dives in various topics.


For more information on BMC Certifications, please visit our Certification web site or read our brand new certification program guide.


To ensure our ability to continuously support our customers, BMC conducts annual Business Continuity tests on all our corporate systems. Our 2017 test will be conducted between August 18th and August 26th.


On Friday, August 18th from 10:00PM CT until approximately 7:00AM Saturday, August 19th (0300-1300 Saturday UTC), BMC will redirect all corporate services to our secondary data center.


During a period of extended testing on Saturday, August 18th from 7:00AM CT – 10:00PM CT (Saturday 1300 - Sunday 0400 GMT), our Legacy Numara and Service Desk Express (including Remedyforce) web sites will be unavailable. These sites contain only legacy data, our current Case Management and Knowledge search services will be fully functional.


On Friday, August 25th from 10:00PM CT until approximately 7:00AM Saturday, August 26th (0300-1300 Saturday UTC), BMC will redirect all corporate services back to our primary data center.


Support Central services which will be unavailable during the two service redirection periods include:


Electronic Product Distribution (EPD)


Product Availability and Compatibility (SPAC)




All self-service licensing


New Customer registrations


Customer Profile updates


Viewing Historical Support Cases


Searching for content which requires authentication to view


Services will be redirected between data centers incrementally, so you may experience interruptions of various and Support Central services at any time during the two redirection periods.


If you encounter a critical problem at any point during this exercise, please phone our Global Contact Center


We appreciate your patience as we confirm the reliability of our corporate systems and our Business Continuity Plan.


Check out our new version of License Utility!!


  1. Supporting license reporting for one of the most demanded product - TrueSight Ops. Management (TSOM).
  2. Added latest version support for Eight existing product with advance mechanism for sub-set of this products.
  3. Interesting strong features for easy of use to our customers.
  4. BMC product name changes per legal direction.


Visit BMC License Usage Collection Utility Version 4.0.01  for free download.


Based on customer feedback, we have been working on a new way to bring together the most relevant product information for any given BMC product into a single location.


We are now at the point in development where we would like to preview the pages, as they are still in development, with our customers. This will help us to gather some early feedback, helping us to improve the pages further.


The new pages are intended to bring together information from a multitude of BMC resources together into a single page. The pages will be product and version specific. It is our intent to eventually produce these pages for all products in BMC's portfolio.


Product specific information page.jpg

Some of the features that the page will offer are:

  • Many of BMC's most popular products will have one of these pages available at launch, through a simple predictive search field and listing:
    • entry point.png
    • type ahead search.png
  • Version specific information
    • Select by verison.png
  • An easier way to sign-up to product alerts / proactive notification emails.
    • sign up for product alerts.png
  • Product life-cycle information; release date, end of support date etc.
  • Easy access to case management
    • easy access to case management.png
  • Expandable sections for rapid access to:
    • Documentation
    • Downloads and Compatibility
    • Training & Certifications
    • Knowledge Base Articles
    • BMC Communities
    • expandable sections.png
  • Built-in feedback mechanism
    • Feedback mechanism.png
  • Easy access to our Enterprise wide search mechanism
    • easy acccess to search results.png


On Thursday 29th June we will be hosting a call with our customers to get a first look at these pages before they are made available. If you would like to see the pages, provide feedback and contribute to their design, please comment below and we will invite you to the conference call, by using the email address associated with your Community profile.


Many thanks!


Including product communities for visibility Server Automation Client Management Release Lifecycle Management Control-M Discovery / ADDM FootPrints service desk Mainframes Solutions Digital Workplace / MyIT Remedyforce Track-It! TrueSight IT Data Analytics TrueSight Operations Mgmt TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt TrueSight Capacity Optimization Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM Atrium CMDB Atrium Orchestrator Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt


To provide better quality and organization of information for our customers, BMC has introduced the Quarterly Product Change Notification.


The consolidation of information into one notification quarterly allows the customer to view changes to their products with valuable information including effective dates, end of support dates and migration plans for product renames, product replacements and product withdrawals.

See Product Change Notification (pdf).


As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online experience, we are excited to announce the availability of knowledge articles in both web searches (Google, etc.) and on BMC Communities.    In the latest TSIA (Technology Services Industry Association) support survey, more than 80% of corporate IT users and administrators prefer Google as their first method of finding answers to their product questions. While BMC still recommends using our comprehensive search engine on Support Central as the number one choice for search, we recognize that not everyone starts there. So to meet our customers "where they are" we are now publishing public Knowledge Articles (KAs) on BMC Communities so they can be crawled by standard search engines as well as adding the ability to find recent and frequently linked KAs.


Here is a summary of the benefits of accessing knowledge in different ways:


Search BMC SupportSearch for technical solutions in BMC documentation, our extensive Knowledge base, BMC Communities, Support Central, and YouTube Channels using powerful filtering and advanced search capabilities
Web searches such as GoogleFind content including but not limited to BMC sites
BMC CommunitiesBrowsing or sharing sharing recent, popular, or frequently used knowledge



Knowledge Articles on BMC Communities also enables several features requested by customers including the ability to:



To learn more, see FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities


To learn more about the search capabilities see Enhancements to Search BMC Support on Support Central.


We are always looking for ways to improve the online support experience. If you have comments or feedback, add comments below.


The following communities have the Knowledge page enabled: AppSight Atrium CMDB Atrium Orchestrator BSM Dashboards and Analytics Client Management Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt Control-M Database Automation Discovery / ADDM FootPrints service desk MainView Middleware Automation Digital Workplace / MyIT Network Automation Recovery Management / SQL Backtrack Release Lifecycle Management Release Package and Deployment Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM Remedy OnDemand Remedyforce Server Automation Solutions for DB2 Solutions for IMS Track-It! TrueSight App Visibility Manager TrueSight Capacity Optimization TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt TrueSight Middleware Mgmt TMART


I’d like to take a few minutes and catch you up on Case Management using Support Central, and ask for your feedback on some upcoming proposed updates as well as identify any new areas that you feel could help improve your online Case Management experience.


The current version of Support Central Case Management went live in December 2015. Since then we've made some incremental changes in early 2016, and some minor adjustments throughout the year. We have heard very clearly that frequent changes to Case Management can be disruptive to you when you are trying to find a resolution to a problem or submit a new Case, so we have focused on stability and performance.


In the past year, suggestions for improvements have been accumulating and we are in the beginning stages of prioritizing your suggestions for delivery. Most of those proposed improvements (see the list below) have come from customer administrators and support partners in the areas of the Case Management system that more admin focused, and less Case process focused.


While we are making these changes we would also like to deliver additional features in Case Management which will improve the experience for everyone. The list below outlines some of the improvements we are already planning to make, and indicates the group for whom the improvement will have the most impact.


Please take a few minutes to review the list, and leave a Comment below to make any additional suggestions you’d like to see implemented. While I cannot promise that we will be able to implement every suggestion, I can assure you that as the people who use Case Management, your voice will be heard. I won’t be replying to each comment individually, but I will periodically post an update to this blog so you’re aware of what is coming and where we might need your help in testing out some of the proposed features.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for being BMC customers and partners!


Planned Improvements to Support Central Case Management

Customer Administrator and Partner Improvements

  • Add the email address of people associated with a Support ID to the Customer Admin view, so that Admins can more easily identify people associated with Support IDs they manage (Customer Admins)
  • Add the Account Name and End-user Support ID fields to the “Export” function, so that BMC Partners can better manage lists of Cases for multiple clients (BMC Partners)
  • Add the ability to search for End-user Support ID when submitting a Case, so that BMC Partners can more easily locate the appropriate End-user Support ID when submitting a Case (BMC Partners)

General Improvements

  • Make attached resolution information (Knowledge Articles, links to documentation, links to Community content, etc.) visible on the Case Details view, so that all users have easy access to attached resolution links on their Cases (All users)
  • Change the Case submission page to make better use of screen space, and make suggested resolutions more accessible when submitting a Case, so that all users have a better opportunity to review relevant self-help information before submitting a Case (All users)
  • Improve the Product name auto-filter function to find product names when strings similar to the product names are entered (for example, entering “trackit” would suggest “Track-It!”), so that product selection is more reliable when submitting a Case (All users)
  • Remove the 90-day window restriction for viewing Cases, so that all users can choose the desired time window to display in a single list (All users)
  • Add “Submitter” to the “Search By” options, so that organizations with multiple Case submitters can more easily locate Cases for a particular person (All users)
Gomati Mahabal


Posted by Gomati Mahabal Employee Apr 25, 2017

Dear Customer,


           We recently encountered a defect in our latest release of License Utility 3.6.00. Issue is when user configures ADDM11.1 running on HTTPs protocol, it was failing in protocol re-direction or handling. We have hotfix ready and uploaded the same in '' on our main page: BMC License Usage Collection Utility Version 4.0.01


     Requesting all customer who are using 3.6.00, please apply the fix to generate license report for ADDM run successfully thru LUCU.


Steps to apply:


1. Launch the "services.msc" using Windows Run command. Locate and stop the LUCService.

2. Locate the License Utility Installation directory on your machine. Please close the running instance of License Utility.

3. Copy the ui.jar and get_license_usage_addm.bat files at location : <License_Utility_Installation_Directory>\LicenseUsageCollector\licenseusagecollector\controller\bin

4. Relaunch the License Utility UI.

5. Launch the "services.msc" using Windows Run command. Locate and start the LUCService.






Please watch out new version of License Utility release today with below features:


New support for BMC products

    MyIT – 3.1 to 3.3

Product enhancements

  •     German  input characters and numerals are allowed in server username and password fields for:
  •   BMC BladeLogic Network Automation (BNA) report enhanced to show "Total Device Count" in order to provide clarity on license usage
  •     For BSA 8.2 to 8.6 and Remedy AR System Server (ARS), license utility is shipped with two additional shell scripts in order to set the home variable, located in the following directory:

              \Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\LicenseUsageCollector\licenseusagecollector\ENvVariableScripts


Current product upgrade support added

  •     BMC Discovery (ADDM) 11.1
  •     Remedy AR System Server (ARS) 9.1.02


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