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BMC Customer Support Community

Public community to share news on BMC Customer Support services and ideas for improvement. This group is to discuss how to work with Support. Please use one of the official channels for working issues.

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Recent Activity

Nathan Levens
Hi, i would like to be able to stack some fields in one column such as ticket id, date, status, priority, and have the next column be only for a text field such as Resolution. Is it possible to do… (Show more)
John Stalnaker
Computer Education Management Association – Europe (CEdMA Europe) is the premier organization for training executives, managers, and professionals on a management path within hardware and software… (Show more)
Ruben Cedrola
I mean:  I have a Control-M and  have two domains, by instance: Domain A & Domain B. That I want to know is if it is possible, with the Control-M installed in Domain A take control for events in… (Show more)
Ankit Sharma
Hi,   What will happen if we enabled the "ServiceDeskStaff" checkbox to assign the license to a user and then if we inactive that user so that license would be considred as used License? Like in… (Show more)
John Stalnaker
BMC Education is pleased to introduce the next subscription service in the BMC Subscription program. The new Control-M subscription service allows our customers and partners to have access to all… (Show more)
Eric Humphrey
New release BMC License Usage Collection Utility Version 4.6.00 is available from June 18, 2018.   What's new in this Release Product new enhancements: License Utility is now a single (Java)…
Venudhar Chinthakuntla
Hello All,   I got an environment where the RSCD agent comes along the base OS image(Solaris Clients). All I need is to add the hosts in BSA console which were recently build.   I got custom… (Show more)
Seth Paskin
Hey all We are kicking off a webinar series to share best practices in 'bite sized chunks' to our beloved customers. The first one is on setting up abnormalities and events from dynamic baselines in… (Show more)
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