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What Is It?

Help us define the information architecture of BMC Capacity Optimization!


The BMC UX team seeks your experience in organizing the content for BMC Capacity Optimization so that we can make our application easier to understand and use.

In this online UX exercise, you will be provided a list of cards as well as pre-defined categories that you can put the cards in. You are also provided an option to create your own categories if any of the other pre-defined categories don’t fit. You will then answer a couple of questions after the card sorting task.

You’ll find a link to the online survey/exercise at the end of this post. The activity shouldn't take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


When Is It?

This online card sorting tool will be available from Tuesday, May 19th until Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020.


Who Qualifies?
You qualify for this session, if you do one or more of the following in your job:

  • Execute performance/capacity analyses on (already/to-be) deployed applications to analyze actual behavior and predict potential resource shortages
  • Execute prediction/simulation models to forecast potential resource changes
  • Provide visibility on existing/predicted consumed/spare capacity
  • Monitor availability and performance of the end-to-end application
  • Manage triage and remediation with other stakeholders
  • Design applications layout in the enterprise and Cloud
  • Generate reports and view dashboards about the performance and availability of applications


Capacity Optimization (BMC and Partners), TrueSight Capacity Optimization


What You Need To Do?

  1. Take a look at the list of items on the left.
  2. Drag and drop an item from the left into the space on the right to create your own groups.
    Note that as an example, we have created an OOB group, Reporting.
  3. Name the groups so that they make sense to you.
  4. Share your thoughts about this exercise by clicking Leaving a comment at the top right.
  5. When you're done click Finished at the top right.


Online Card Sorting Tool link:



What Next?

Once the exercise is completed, our Research team will share the results.