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What is it?

In this 1:1 Helix Remediate UX Study, observation and interview
will be conducted remotely via a 90-min Zoom meeting.   Information will be captured regarding
processes and experiences with our products and services.


The goal is to understand and improve the overall user experience with the Automation console,

with the initial focus on patch orchestration, vulnerability management, and compliance.



When is it?

Wednesday, March 18th – Thursday, April 30th, 90-minutes between 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

(or any time after 13:00 GMT)



Who Qualifies?


We are looking for either one of the following 3 personas:


  • Administrators
  • IT Operators
  • Service Owner


You qualify for this study if you are Administrators, IT Operators, or Business Owners

who are performing and ensuring threat remediation, patching, and patch compliance using BMC
and/or third-party tools.


TrueSight Vulnerability Mgmt; TrueSight Network Automation, TrueSight Server Automation, TrueSight Orchestration, BMC Helix , Remedy ITSM,


What you need for the 1:1 session?


You will need to be able to share your screen on Zoom during the session.




Next steps: Email Launa Nguyen at with one of the following email subject line base
on the persona you would like to present.


“Helix Remediate UX Study - Administrator”

“Helix Remediate UX Study – IT Operator”

“Helix Remediate UX Study – Service Owner”