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What is it?

This 1:1 UX session will be conducted remotely via Skype Meeting. We will be showing two versions of a screen concept. We would like to hear your feedback particularly revolving around incident tickets. During the session, information is captured regarding processes and experiences with our products and services.


The goal is to understand which features and screen layouts participants prefer, so that we can improve the experience for future releases of SmartIT.



When is it?

Monday, February 9th – Friday, February 28th ,60-minute between 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST

(or any time after 14:00 CET)



Who Qualifies?

You qualify for this UX Study if :

- You are Service Desk Agents and/or Incident Managers, AND

- You must use SmartIT or Mid-Tier to create, manage, or view incident tickets


Remedy ITSM


What you need for the 1:1 session?

You will need to have access to Skype Meeting




Next steps: Email Launa Nguyen at with email subject line:

“UX Study – SmartIT Web App Concept”