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What is it?

This TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) study will be conducted remotely via a 1:1 90-minutes Zoom Meeting session. Participants will be asked to log into TSOM,

share their screen, and walk the moderator through their daily tasks and TSOM use.


This study is aimed at understanding the current user experiences of operators working with TSOM.

The goal is to identify areas of opportunity to improve this experience by understanding the gaps based on current and future needs.



When is it?

Monday, October 14th – Friday, November 8th, 90-minute between 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT

(or any time after 4:00 PM CET)



Who Qualifies?

We are looking for people who are TrueSight Operations Management / TSIM Operators and/or Administrators,

You qualify for this study if 3 or more of the following describe job tasks that you do:


- Monitor the performance of large computer infrastructures from a central location using

  TSOM tool.

- Look for alerts or malfunctions and work to determine the causes of the problems.

- Analyze problems, identify data anomalies, and predictively alert to remediate issues before

  Severe impact.

- Work to triage or troubleshoot the problem using standard operating procedure.

- Communicate with Support Teams and follow problems until their resolutions.

- Track and document all issues and resolutions in responding to an incident



What you need for the 1:1 session?


You will need to be able to attend a 90-minute call via Zoom meeting.




Next steps: Email Launa Nguyen at with email subject line:

“UX Study - TrueSight Operations Management Research”



*This study can also be conducted ONSITE at your company’s Network Operations Center (NOC), in which our UX Researcher will travel to your company’s NOC to conduct this study in-person. Should you be interested in an ONSITE session, please let me know and I’ll be glad to share the detail information.