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You may have seen in IBM’s recent z/OS 2.4 announcement, that they are continuing with the industry-wide simplification improvement to help clients install and configure software using a common and modern method.  BMC is also a key player in this initiative and we are excited to invite you to try BMC’s new z/OSMF based installer, which is coming mid-2020.


You’ll have an opportunity to engage directly with BMC Product Management and R&D to help validate and provide feedback on the capabilities of this new industry-wide installer.  The program is expected to start at the beginning of November and run approximately three months.


The new installer uses IBM’s z/OSMF Software Management capabilities to create a new end-to-end install and configuration experience. 


Some of the new capabilities include:

  • Modern web-based user interface, common across IBM and other participating vendors
  • No need to perform SMP/E Receive, Apply, Accept jobs, saving time and system resources
  • Reduction in number of SMP/E datasets to reduce complexity
  • Separation of common infrastructure to simplify combined management of multiple products
  • Reduced number of prompts with our new “prompt once” design
  • Less configuration steps means products are up and running faster than before
  • Consistency across products allows less experienced users to configure products from different product families
  • Automated workflows mean configuration jobs can run unattended and take less time
  • Documentation is in the workflows so no searching through user manuals to learn what to do
  • Carrying forward configuration data simplifies upgrades and expedites product usage


Participation in the validation program is simple.  We will make available to you, one or more pre-built Portable Software Instances which will contain current BMC GA products, and new BMC provided z/OSMF configuration workflows.  You then logon to z/OSMF, which is already on your system as part of z/OS and use z/OSMF to open the BMC PSI. 

Then it’s simply a matter of following the provided workflows to install and configure the BMC products.  You don’t even need to run the resulting installed products!  What we are looking for is validation and feedback on the install and configuration process itself.


How to Sign Up:

1. Make sure you have a BMC Account:

2. Have an active BMC Support ID in your profile:

      • Login to BMC Support
      • Edit Profile ==> Click on "BMC Support Access" Section
      • Enter "Support Contract ID" or Follow the link to "manage your support subscription"
        • Click here for CUSTOMER help with locating Support Contract ID

3. Log into Communities to ensure your company name and your individual company email address (ie: are in your profile.

4. Complete on-premise beta agreement BMC Software Prerelease Worldwide Software License Agreement

5. Click here to request to join our private Communities group



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