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What is it?

We are gathering UX feedback on select BMC products and need your input. This is the first time we use this particular survey,

so we’d also like your feedback on the survey as well.  You’ll find a link to the survey at the end of this post, which will only take a few
minutes to complete.


The goal of this survey is to capture user feedback on a small set of BMC products and user types using a single survey,

and to capture feedback on the survey itself.


When is it?

Thursday, July 18th – Tuesday, July 23rd, any 3-5minutes of your time.



Who Qualifies?

We are looking for Admins or Users for these applications:



You qualify to participate if you meet any of following criterion:


- L1 Service Desk Agent or Lead

- Primarily use Smart IT service calls/requests

- Have used Smart IT for at least 3 months

- Use DWP/MyIT to submit requests and tickets

- Have used DWP/MyIT for at least 3 months



What you need to do?


Please provide your honest feedback by completing the brief survey using the link below – Many thanks in advance!

Survey link: