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We’re inviting you to become an inaugural member of BMC’s “Friends of AMI” community and participate in the development one of ZSolution’s most exciting products in recent years. You’ll have an opportunity to engage directly with BMC product experts, product management, and R&D to help validate and provide feedback on the capabilities of the initial release of AMI Predictive. The community is open now for new members and the predictive product development will start in late January with customer involvement opportunities available now.


BMC AMI solutions span the entire ZSolutions’ portfolio including Security, DevOps, Capacity and Cost Management, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Operations. The initial focus of the Friends of AMI community will be on AI Ops solutions and expand to the other products in the future.


The first validation program, as mentioned above, will be for AMI Predictive, a machine learning powered solution to predict and notify of potentially system crippling events before they happen. AMI predictive is focused on providing the following initial capabilities:


  • Domain expertise-built machine learning models based on decades of experience
  • System health Insights based on multi-variant correlation
  • Out of the box detection of dozens of potentially catastrophic system events


The AMI Predictive validation program is open to all BMC customers and partners. Initially focus will be on Db2 and z/OS use cases but will quickly expand to other domains such as CICS and IMS.


How can you get involved?

  • Participate in use case validation – “has this happened to you?”
  • Contribute your operational metrics to help validate the models
  • Participate in periodic sprint reviews where developers demonstrate designs, mockups, and/or working code in return for your feedback
  • Participate in facilitated product validation – log into one of our sandbox environments and provide feedback
  • Accept pre-release code into your test environment and provide critical hands on feedback
  • Willingness to collaborate with BMC and other customers and to provide open feedback
  • Be a willing Customer Connect Reference upon successfully completing the program


Each customer or partner is encouraged to participate as much as they can but there is no requirement to participate in all opportunities.



We are looking for participants with the following criteria.  Upon completing the steps in "How to sign up for Beta", you will be notified within one business day if you have been accepted to the program. 

  • Be a current BMC customer
  • Sign our beta agreement
  • Operate IBM Mainframe(s) in your environment, greater than 2000 MIPS
  • Participate in Friends of AMI Activities
  • Operational metrics:
    1. z/OS 2.2 or better
    2. Db2, CICS, or other system/subsystem for which metrics are desired



►How to sign up for Beta:


  • Have an active BMC Support ID in your BMC profile.

            If you do not, please follow these steps: