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What is it?


A 60-minute 1:1 session, in which you will be given tasks to complete with an interface. This one-hour session will be conducted

via Skype (for audio) and WebEx (for video recording).


The goal of this session is to understand whether the new iteration of the chatbot wizard is easier to understand and use compared

to previous iteration, also to learn about what’s missing and how it can be improved.



When is it?


Wednesday, September 26th – Friday, October 1st . 60 minutes between 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST



Who Qualifies?


We are looking for Non-Developerswho are part of the chatbot creation process from a non-technical
perspective. You may or may not be known as Business Analyst who are none technical, or Business Analyst

who are Technical Project Manager, or a Service Catalog Program Manager.


You qualify for this study if you perform one of the following duties:


  • Managing service catalog.
  • Creating business process flows
  • Involving in the chatbot building process in some form.


What you need for the 1:1 sessions?


You will need to install WebEx software on your computer. You will receive an email with instructions to log-in.




Next steps: Email Launa Nguyen at with email subject line:

Chatbot Wizard Usability Test – 2nd round”