What is it?


This study will be conducted remotely through a 60-minute WebEx session. In this session, we would like to know how you manage a case
request from start to finish. The case request can be requested from employees, customers, clients from different functional group such as Finance, Facilities,
Procurement, and HR. Also, we would like to hear your feedback about BMC’s case management software.


The goal of this study is to understand the needs how one manages a case request from start to finish.


When is it?


Monday, March 20t h – Friday, April 6th

A 60-minute WebEx session, any time between 7:00am – 5:00pm CST (and/or between 1:00 – 6:00pm CET)



Who Qualifies?


We are looking for professionals whose job title are, but not limited to Case Agent, Case Manager/Supervisor.


You qualify for this study if you are involved in managing a case request from employees, customers, clients from either of

these groups: Finance, Facilities, Procurement, and HR.


----------------------------------------- AND ----------------------------------------------


You are involved in at least 3 of the following tasks:

  • Create a case request.
  • Work on a case request.
  • Modify the case request – add, delete, change details.
  • Share case details with other team members.
  • Grant permissions of read and/or access to other team members.
  • Assign roles to staff members to work on the case.


It won't be a good match if you are a BMC Consultant and/or do not work with clients in purchasing, procuring, or

licensing of HR Case Management / Case Management.



What you need for the 1:1 sessions?


You will need to install WebEx software on your computer. You will receive an email with instructions to log-in.




Next steps: Email Launa
Nguyen at with email subject line:“UX Study – Business Work Flows"