What is it?


This study will be conducted remotely, via a 60-minute WebEx session. Participants are given tasks to complete with an interface. Measures of Efficiency,
Effectiveness, and Satisfaction are collected.


The goals is to identify whether Usability issues exist and to capture those issues by observing how the users:


  1. Work with volumes of data.
  2. Perform data analytics.
  3. Create and modify dashboards,data view, data filters.
  4. Synthesis data using filters, sort, arrange format, etc.



When is it?


Wednesday, September 27th – Friday, October 6th

A 60-minute WebEx session, any time between 7:00 am – 3:00pm PST



Who Qualifies?


You likely qualify for this study if 2 or more of the following describe job tasks that you do or are tasked in doing:


- Create and modify dashboard or data views.

- Work with moderate to high volume of data from a database.

- Analyze and synthesize data using filter, arrange, sort, format, etc. functions.

- Use a data analytics software i.e. Tableau, Google Analytics, Excel, etc.



What you need for the 1:1 sessions?


You will need to install WebEx software on your computer. The sessions will be done remotely using WebEx. You will receive an email with instructions to log in.




Next steps: Email Launa Nguyen at with email subject line: “UX Study – TrueSight Dashboard”