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Accepting nominations for release validation programs of next Remedy release!


This is your opportunity to engage directly with BMC product experts, to validate the almost final bits of the next Remedy release, and to provide feedback to BMC about functionality, usability, and quality of the exciting new Remedy capabilities. The program is expected to start around mid/end of Sept and to last for about 4 weeks. The program is open to all current Remedy customers and partners.


The next Remedy suite release (incl. Smart IT) introduces a number of valuable new capabilities that are easy to adopt – particularly for customers who are already on Remedy 9.1. The program is open to all roles. BMC is specifically interested in the following roles as participants:

  • CMDB Administrators / Configuration Managers
  • Smart IT Administrators who are responsible for configuring and deploying the Smart IT user experience in support of their company’s customize Remedy ITSM solution
  • Remedy Administrators who are responsible for upgrading to the latest version of the Remedy software in their company’s IT environment, incl. dev, test and production deployments


You can participate in the release validation program by reviewing the enhancements in a hosted environment or by downloading and installing the beta software in your own IT test environment.


What's needed from you?

  • Attendance in weekly call
  • Time and resources to test the new release in a short window.
  • Willingness to collaborate with BMC and other customers and to provide open feedback
  • Be a willing Customer Connect Reference upon successfully completing the program


More information will be provided in the BMC Community group we plan to use for all communication and in a kickoff call prior to start of testing.


►How to sign up for Beta:

To be considered for any of our BMC Customer Programs, you must:

  • Have an active BMC Support ID for the Remedy products in your BMC profile
    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on “Edit Profile”
    3. Click on “BMC Support Access” Section
    4. Enter “Support Contract ID” (if you have Support Contract ID already entered and need to add/update, follow the link from "manage your support subscription, please click here")
    5. Click “Submit”
  • Have a company email address registered for your communities account
  • Complete the BMC Software PRERELEASE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES AGREEMENT if you want to participate in a hosted environment provided by BMC
  • Complete the BMC Software PRERELEASE WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT if you want to participate by installing the pre-release software in your own test environment
  • Indicate which release validation program you want to join by clicking on the one or more of the following links and then click on “Ask to join this group” button
    • Release Validation Program for Remedy Administrators (CLOSED)
    • Release Validation Program for Smart IT Administrators (CLOSED)
    • Release Validation Program for CMDB Administrators / Configuration Manager (CLOSED)


Remedy AR System

Remedy ITSM