What is it?


A BMC user experience researcher and designer(s) would like to have a 60min WebEx session with IT Security, Operations, and IT Configuration Compliance personnel.  Participants will be shown designs or may be given tasks to interact with designs. Participants provide feedback about what they like, dislike/concerns, and missing elements. Usability is observed and captured.  If the RITE procedure is used, then the designs are refined after a few sessions based on findings and retested with the next set of sessions. This iterative process can be repeated several times to further refine designs.


The goal of these sessions is to identify and iterate on usability issues within the design interface and interaction framework, as well as identify where the product fails to compliment user behavior, expectations and mental models.



When is it?


60min WebEx session, any time between, Monday, June 5th– Friday, June 23rd



Who Qualifies?


You qualify for this study IF your role might be one of the following:


  • IT Security
  • IT Operations
  • IT Configuration Compliance


------------------------- AND -----------------------------------------


Your tasks might include one or more of the following:


  • Manage/configure security monitoring tools
  • Define configuration management policies, rules, and remediation content
  • Regularly scan configuration items for vulnerabilities/compliance
  • Review/analyze security reports
  • Monitor, assess, prioritize security threats/risks
  • Track remediation life-cycle
  • Route security risks requiring action to endpoint/application owners
  • Approve/schedule endpoint remediation



What you need for the 1:1 sessions?


The sessions will be done remotely using WebEx with instructions to dial in for audio. You will receive an email with instructions to log in.


Interested? Next steps:


Email Launa Nguyen at with email subject line:

“User Experience Study –  SecOps Response & Policy User Design Sessions”