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Announcing BMC Discovery v11.2 Beta Program – We are now taking Beta Nominations!



BMC is pleased to announce that BMC Discovery 11.2 beta will be available in June.


Please read these instructions carefully if you are interested in this Beta Program.


What is BMC Discovery?

BMC Discovery creates a dynamic, holistic view of data center assets and the relationships between them, giving IT crucial visibility into how the infrastructure enables the digital business.  It serves as the backbone of digital enterprise management, enabling service awareness, cost transparency, and security operations excellence. BMC Discovery’s open platform allows other systems to drive discovery and interact with the data. BMC Discovery scales across the largest and most complex multi-cloud environments, and is well aligned to industry regulations and standards.

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What’s new in BMC Discovery 11.2?


  • Multi-Cloud Discovery
    • Flexible and agnostic cloud data model to provide a single pane of glass for your traditional IT, public cloud, and private cloud environments
    • Discover Azure and AWS cloud context via their cloud APIs
    • Cloud discovery framework to extend coverage of additional cloud vendors via TKU
  • Open Discovery Enhancements
    • Interact with REST APIs via TPL for additional content consumption
  • Start Anywhere Application Mapping (SAAM) Enhancements
    • Shared software infrastructure awareness


Milestones during the Beta Program


Beta will commence on 6/13/2017 and run through to 8/1/2017. Only existing customers of BMC Discovery will be able to participate in the beta.


Criteria for being part of the BMC Discovery Beta Program


BMC Discovery 11.2 Technical Requirements for the Beta:



  • Test VMware virtual infrastructure
    • ESX/ESXi 4.1 and later
    • VMware Workstation 9.0 and later
    • VMware Player 8.0.2 and later
  • VM appliance should be dedicated solely for beta and will not be able to be upgraded/downgraded to a GA state
  • Customers may upgrade an existing 10.1 and later test environment but it will not be able to be reverted back to a GA release


Beta Qualifications:

  • Customers with access to connect and discover AWS or Azure Cloud environments
  • Experienced SAAM modelers with shared software infrastructure


How to sign up for Beta:

In order to be considered in any of our BMC Customer Programs, you must:

• Have an active BMC Support ID

• Have a company email address registered for your communities account

• Complete the pre-release software agreement if you have not signed one before

• Be a willing Customer Connect Reference upon successfully completing the program


If you have questions, email or contact Antonio Vargas, Lead Product Manager.