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Accepting nominations for BMC Remedy Platform 9.5


Are you using Remedy to develop a custom enterprise app or have you considered using a powerful platform to rapidly develop enterprise apps?  Do you have in house consultants and developers building your applications? Are you familiar with Java, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS and REST APIs?Are you interested in learning more about the upcoming BMC Remedy Platform release and a brand new way to build modern applications? If so, this beta program is for you!


What is Remedy 9.5?


In this release, the Remedy Platform delivers the brand new Remedy Innovation Suite to empower developers and business analysts to collaboratively create smart, powerful enterprise apps with stunning user experiences. Included in the suite is the Innovation SDK, which enables developers to

rapidly build Smart Apps on the Remedy platform using Java, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS and REST APIs. The Innovation SDK also provides a framework for creating reusable components from custom code, allowing developers to extend the platform, and easily share custom logic or REST based integrations. Additionally, Remedy Innovation Suite includes a new visual design tool, Innovation Studio, to give business analysts the power to create business logic or user interfaces and enhance the data models of Smart Apps without writing code.


What’s New in Remedy 9.5?

  • Remedy Innovation Suite: includes the Innovation SDK, Innovation Studio and a new Connector framework.
  • Build new Smart Apps using Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS, HTML and REST APIs with the Remedy Innovation SDK
  • Leverage a build once, use many times approach to external integrations with the new Connector framework
  • Reuse and share with the community by bundling code, definitions, and data in to a shared library
  • Accelerate development and reduce iterations by empowering business analysts to construct business logic and user interfaces without writing code in Remedy Innovation Studio
  • Create stunning user interfaces in Innovation Studio that look and feel like Remedy’s Smart IT UX.
  • Create multi-tenant custom apps and empower each tenant to skin, brand, configure and enhance their own instance with Group Overlays.
  • Developing on the Remedy platform ensures your apps can scale across the world’s largest enterprises without having to worry about multi-tenancy, databases, operating systems, application architecture, security, localization or accessibility – the platform does that for you.
  • BMC CMDB is now included as a core component of the platform, reducing time to deploy, upgrade, and configure.
  • Time and resources to test in a short window.
  • Willingness to collaborate with BMC and other customer and to provide open feedback


This will be a qualified open beta. In order to participate, please follow the below link to fill out the qualification survey. We will contact you if you qualify.


Kick-off to be held June 14th



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