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Looking for Control-M Users


What is it?


1:1 hour session lead by our bmc UX designers. The aim is to gather feedback on new Control-M prototypes and identify usability issues, likes dislikes, and missing items.


  • One-on-one remote interview sessions
  • Users will be shown prototypes and asked for feedback.


When is it?


Available 1 hour 1:1 Sessions October 12th- October 21st


Who Qualifies?


Control-M Users who do one or both of the activities below:

  • Use Control-M to find files based on requests from users and application developers asking for things like file transfers, when it was delivered, and when it will be sent
    • Your role may or may not be an Operator
  • Use Control-M to monitor and troubleshooting the overall health of file transfer activity
    • Your role may or may not be a Manager, Scheduler, an Operator, or Application Developer.


What you need for the 1:1 sessions?


UC, (Universal Console or desktop) the location for the sessions will be done remotely using WebEx. You will receive an email with instructions to log in.


Interested? Next steps:


Leave a comment below with your email and contact information – or –


Email Sandy at with email subject line: “Control-M Users Feedback” | or contact Sandy McClenahan at 408-571-7271