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Announcing the BMC Panama 1.0 Beta Program!


What is BMC Panama 1.0?

BMC Panama is a new and innovative software-as-service based self-service integration platform.  Panama provides a platform to easily and quickly connect applications (cloud-based software-as-a-service applications, On-premise commercial and custom applications, and Mobile applications) together within minutes.  And you don’t have to be a technical expert to do it.  Typical end users (citizen integrators) will find it very consumer friendly and extremely easy to use.  IT professionals will like it because it provides the necessary governance and compliance capabilities they need to insure their end users only do the things they allow them to do.


Key Benefits

  • Integrate applications together in minutes!
  • Consumer friendly experience that is so easy even non-technical people can use it
  • Governance controls that provides IT organizations piece of mind
  • Return on investment reporting and analytics so you see the value it provides
  • Support for SaaS, On-premise, and mobile applications


Technical Requirements

  • A machine with  browser access.


Please contact if you are interested in getting access to this program.