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What is BMC Service Resolution 3.5?

BMC Service Resolution is a customer value-add solution to provide cross-platform conduits between ITSM and other event monitoring tools to “make real” the seamless integrations sold as part of the BSM story. BMC Service Resolution is based in Remedy and enables customers to quickly establish intelligent ticketing within their environment.

Key Benefits

• Improved alignment between SD and Operations

o Aligned Maturity Model

o Incident Lifecycle Governance

• Faster Problem Isolation and Root Cause

• Improved Fault to Resolution Time / MTTR

• Tops Down Service-Centric approach

• Simplify Installation: Anchor products (Remedy and TrueSight) are Smartflow aware

• ITSM, Truesight, and 3rd Party Event Management application integration capable

• Solution Level Documentation

• Hybrid support for RoD and on-prem BPPM customers


► What’s new in BMC Service Resolution 3.5?

o Full SaaS support for Remedy

o Enhanced Standard event interface to Incident Management

o Automated generation of ITSM unavailability records based on BPPM Outage Policies

o BSR integration with other BMC event monitoring systems and 3rd party systems

o Easy-to-use comprehensive integration diagnostics by adding additional checks for installation and troubleshooting (“One-Click Test”)

o Enable Support for smart flows metrics – Sets the foundation for next generation SmartIT capabilities


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