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Explore What Remedy 9 Offers TAP Partners
July 14, 2015
11 a.m. (Central)


We've arranged an exclusive webinar for our TAP partners for one of the most exciting new releases from BMC Software this year: the all new Remedy 9 service management platform.

Remedy 9 is an innovative service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes a whole organization more productive. However, don't just take our word on it; hear about it directly from the Remedy 9 product managers, who will present this webinar for TAP partners interested in building integrations.

TAP partners interested in attending should contact to receive the webinar log in and conference call in information and password.

BMC Remedy 9 
Webinar/Conference Call
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
11:00 a.m. (Central)

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March 18, 2014, we brought TAP partners another in our series of live, global webinars, intended to give partners in-depth knowledge of the roadmaps for particular solutions. Attendance for the BMC Remedyforce and BMC FootPrints Roadmaps webinar was outstanding.


As with many of our webinars, we are not able to provide a playback of the event due to the confidential information that was disclosed. However, we can share a few highlights with you.


Chad Haftorson, director, product management, for BMC Remedyforce, emphasized that this is a strategic product for both BMC and New releases are regularly made available, and if you would like to see a summary of those releases, please contact Sharon Forman. Chad also stated that Remedyforce is now Pink Elephant certified. The vision for the solution is to improve collaboration between IT and your customers. Chad included a review of upcoming enhancements.

Lorna Russell, product director for BMC FootPrints, also reviewed the enhancements that will be part of that product's upcoming next release, stating that the release addresses many customer ideas. She additionally presented the 12-18-month roadmap for Footprints. The strategic focus for FootPrints is three-fold: ease of administration; fast time to value; and increase business impact.


Many of those who attended the March 18 webinar have inquired about participating in the Beta program for the upcoming BMC FootPrints Service Core 12 release. You can learn how to apply for the Beta program for this release and others through this article posted on the TAP portal: Join the BMC Beta Program.

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BMC Engage 2014, set for October 13-16, in Orlando, Fl., is the premier conference on IT management, helping people drive business transformation with technologies from mainframe to cloud to mobile.


The event brings together BMC customers, partners and experts for a full and diverse agenda of executive insights, best practices, networking and intensive, hands-on technical training. IT professionals will gain the deep insight and technical knowledge they need to master complexity and stay on the leading edge of innovation.


Read the April TAP PLUGGED IN newsletter to learn how you can receive the "super early bird" discount price when registering.


Here's what else we have for you this month:

  • Recap of the March 18 BMC Remedyforce and BMC FootPrints Roadmaps Webinar
  • How to join the BMC beta program, specifically if you want to participate in the beta for FootPrints Service Core v. 12
  • Announcement of a new program between BMC and Microsoft for cloud initiatives
  • Three new executives join the company
  • The date you can expect to start receiving communication regarding the annual TAP renewal process


If you have not received your TAP PLUGGED IN newsletter by email, contact TAP to request your copy.

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All current TAP partners are invited to attend a special TAP WebEx on Tuesday, March 18, 10 a.m. central time.


Chad Haftorson and Lorna Russell, BMC Software product management for the Remedyforce and FootPrints solutions will talk about where these two solutions are now, where the solutions are moving and what opportunities are ahead for our technology partners.


The hour-long session includes time for questions and answers with Chad and Lorna.


News about the October BMC Engage 2014 meeting in Orlando will be announced as well.


Due to the content of this WebEx, only TAP partners can attend, and all participants will need to use a provided Conference Call In number and password. If you did not receive your direct invitation from TAP, which contained this information, please email or


This event will be live only; due to the confidential information that will be disclosed, the call will not be made available for later playback. We regret any inconvenience this may cause those unable to attend.


The TAP team looks forward to your participation on March 18.

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Contributed to the TAP blog by TAP Partner Westbury IT Services


Why did Westbury IT Services pursue validation for its SMI Suite after less than a year as a BMC Technical Alliance Program partner? CEO, Jane Johnson, explains: “First, we want to be in a close relationship with BMC, and validation is the path.


“Second, for customers, validation acts as a proof of the reliability of the Westbury product; it has been tested and has met the criteria set by BMC.”


Westbury describes the SMI Suite as the operational reporting platform for the BMC Remedy Service Desk solution.The Westbury product is aligned with BMC’s direction of helping its clients “Industrialize” the back end and “Consumerize” the front-end user experience.


“By ‘Industrialize,’” says Johnson, “we mean that the SMI Suite is architected to integrate, automate, and simplify all the IT processes and components that must interact seamlessly to put the power of reporting in the hands of the people who need the data: end users, process owners, and managers.


“By ‘Consumerize’ the front-end user experience, we mean that our solution is deployed to end users who want to unleash the hidden insights of their ITSM data with easy, anytime, anywhere access, even on a mobile device.”


The validation process was two steps for the Burlington, Massachusetts-based software developer. First the company prepared the iNote, which ultimately has become a dual-purpose marketing and technical document as it covers the features, benefits, requirements, installation, and usage of the integration. “After we had the iNote ready, the Intertek validation testing – which is the assurance of the product’s quality – took about one month,” Johnson says.


“For those contemplating beginning validation, I’d advise completing the iNote carefully, as doing so will save you time during the validation process,” Johnson adds.


Customers can access the Westbury product information through two paths: the SMI Suite is now listed in the TAP Solution Directory with the logo assuring “TAP Validated.” Customers can also find information about Westbury through the TAP Partner Directory. When interested customers click to download the SMI Suite iNote, Westbury receives the leads and is able to follow up directly.


The two TAP directories are part of Johnson’s reasons for obtaining validation for the company’s product: “Validation allows us to further market our solution to the BMC community – customers, partners, and BMC sales.”

Learn More:
SMI Suite for BMC Remedy Service Desk (TAP Solution Directory)
iNote for SMI Suite for BMC Remedy Service Desk

Westbury (TAP Partner Directory)

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A benefit of your TAP partnership is access to the TAP Portal. However, this is not a public site. You need to have a BMC Communities ID and be granted access. Follow these easy steps, and you'll be inside the Portal soon.

To establish an account:

  1. Go to the BMC Communities account request page.
  2. Type your company email address and click "Confirm address." You must use your company (partner) email address.
  3. Look for an email from "" and click on the link in the email to confirm your email address.
  4. A Web page will open prompting you to create your account and profile.
  5. Click "Create your account and profile" to open the registration form; complete all required fields on the "Registration: Create your account" screen.
  6. To request access to the TAP Portal: 
    • Under "Primary BMC Relationship," choose "BMC Software Partner/Alliance/ISV/Reseller."
    • Under "BMC Communities Relationship," choose "Technology Alliance Program (TAP)."Note: Access to the TAP Portal is only provided to existing TAP participants. If your request for access is approved, and you are a current TAP participant, access will be provided within 48 hours. Access to the TAP Portal is not granted immediately upon registration to BMC Communities.
  7. After reading the site terms and conditions, and checking the box agreeing to the terms and conditions, click “Continue” at the end of the registration screen.
    Note: If the registration form re-displays, verify that you have completed all required fields correctly and that the last two sentences are marked “Yes.” Once you have completed all fields, again click “Continue” to resubmit your registration form.
  8. Whitelist email from “” (i.e., place the email address on your list of accepted senders). The procedure for whitelisting varies by email software and service provider. For Outlook: 
    • Open the “Actions >Junk E-mail >Junk E-mail Options” menu.
    • Select the “Safe Senders” tab, and click the “Add” button.
    • Type “” and click “OK” twice.
  9. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click; a page will open stating that your account is active.
  10. Click the BMC Communities home page link, and log in at the top of the page.
  11. Navigate to the TAP Portal.
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TAP issued the July 2013 PLUGGED IN newsletter July 19 via email. If you did not receive it, drop us a note at, so that we can get your issue to you. Because if you're missing it, you're missing:

  • Comments from Sharon Forman, director, Technology Alliance Programs, on the value of your TAP partnership and some interesting statistics regarding the number of leads received by partners with validated integrations
  • Reminders from David Fiel, senior Technical Alliance manager, regarding the value of validation and how to to achieve that for your integration
  • Updates on three BMC Software solutions: BMC Service Desk Express, BMC Control-M and BMC TrackIT!
  • Details on the various accreditations offered by BMC Education Services and some new Thought Leadership materials that are available


REMINDER: some of the content in PLUGGED IN is available only by logging in to the TAP Portal within BMC Communities. You will need a user ID and password, which is not the same as the BMC Support ID that you have. Getting a Communities ID is an easy process, but you do need to request one. Read the TAP blog post on establishing a BMC Communities ID for step-by-step instructions.


Stay PLUGGED INto the latest news from TAP and BMC Software!

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TAP issued the June 2013 PLUGGED IN newsletter June 21 via email. If you did not receive it, drop us a note at, so that we can get your issue to you. Because if you're missing it, you're missing:

  • A recap from Sharon Forman, director, Technology Alliance Programs, regarding the June 11 Conference Call/WebEx on the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (BMC CLM) Roadmap
  • Tips from David Fiel, senior Technical Alliance manager, to help you through the process of obtaining the BMC Remedy AR System server license, which is part of the BMC CLM installation
  • Information about a new crowd-sourcing tool, from BMC Support, that provides a forum to suggest enhancements for BMC products
  • And finally, details on a new course, BMC MyIT, from BMC Education Services. Remember: a benefit of your TAP membership is a discount to BMC Education, so if this course is not right for your needs, you can find out about several more at BMC Education.

Read PLUGGED IN and stay informed on the latest from TAP and BMC Software!

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TAP Partners: Have you marked you calendar for our next TAP WebEx and Conference Call?


On Tuesday, June 11, 11:00 a.m. (Central time), Brian Emerson, BMC Software Senior Director, product management for Cloud and DevOps, will:

  1. Review what is driving BMC's strategy and direction for Cloud Management
  2. Take a look at both short-term and longer-term release roadmaps for Cloud
  3. Discuss value and opportunities partners can bring to the table on enhancing our Cloud solution

The hour-long session includes time for questions and answers with Brian.


This event will be live only; due to the confidential information that will be disclosed, the call will not be made available for later playback. Only TAP partners will be allowed to attend the event.


If you are a TAP partner, and have not received the email with meeting information, please write, requesting the necessary call-in details.

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