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BMC welcomes Derdack as a new ISV partner who is helping enterprise and large organisation to respond faster and effectively to IT incidents, especially supporting on-call teams and 24/7 IT Ops.


Delivering critical incident information and alerts to the right people at the right time and wherever they are is a key asset in operating mission-critical IT infrastructure. Enabling the ability to respond and troubleshoot issues on-the-go provides an even higher level of operational effectiveness.


Derdack’s solutions Enterprise Alert® and SIGNL4® automate critical alerting and communication processes where accuracy and speed of information delivery matters. Both solutions provide for up to 10x faster response to critical and major incidents though targeted mobile alert notifications with tracking, escalations and duty scheduling. This is particularly important in business-critical IT operations where 100% uptime is key. On top, Derdack’s mobile apps provide for an effective anywhere incident response, alert management and remote troubleshooting.


Ultimately, this reduces unexpected downtime of IT systems by up to 60%.


With an over 10-year track record, Derdack’s customer base spreads across 50 countries and includes leading brands like Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, The Boeing company, Frostbank, British Telecom, Indiana University, Scania, Canadian Pacific and Boehringer Ingelheim.


“Enterprise Alert delivers the right information to the right people at the right time and in the most convenient and effective way. It has become a foundational part of our services toolbox.” Ernest Pedersen, Business Analyst, Canadian Pacific




Basically, Derdack adds an alerting and anywhere response layer to BMC Software solutions, namely Helix/Remedy ITSM and TrueSight Operations Managment.


While Enterprise Alert is an on-premises software with tight and secure integration into on-prem infrastructure, SIGNL4 is a native, lightweight SaaS solution with a 5-min-setup and rapid ROI.


To deliver a unique incident response experience, Derdack’s solutions rest on four major pillars:

  • Real-time mobile alert notifications via push, text, voice calls, IM with tracking and customizable escalations
  • Convenient, drag & drop duty scheduling for automated routing of alerts to the right people
  • Ad-hoc collaboration options, e.g. conference bridges, for a rapid incident resolution
  • Remote, anywhere troubleshooting and remediation, directly from the mobile app, through triggering IT automation tasks


BMC Integration


Derdack’s solutions integrate neatly with BMC products, in the case of Enterprise Alert in a seamless and agent-less 2-way manner, allowing for remote ticket acknowledgements, resolution, updates and annotations. This extends ticket management beyond the (home) office. If for instance a Remedy incident is acknowledged through our mobile app, the ownership and status is updated in Remedy in real-time. And vice versa, if an incident is closed in Remedy, all notifications are stopped in Enterprise Alert and the relating alert is set to closed, too.


Derdack’s solutions are designed for zero-impact deployments, not only leaving your existing infrastructure almost untouched but also utilizing what you have already in place, e.g. existing ITA runbooks, monitoring setups or ticketing workflows.


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