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BMC Software would like to welcome our new independent software vendor, ZigiWave, to our platform.


Data management is becoming increasingly complex. Creating and implementing efficient, scalable solutions and ensuring the smooth exchange of data between different teams and departments within an organization is one of the major challenges businesses face nowadays. And that’s exactly where ZigiWave’s product, ZigiOps, comes into play: as a robust, highly functional and easy-to-use tool, it simplifies communication and improves end-to-end data flow within companies.


The benefits of automatization of data management for BMC's customers


ZigiOps integrates data sources from different platforms within a single system - which features customizable workflows, bi-directional synchronization, custom triggers, simple and conditional field mapping, and more. It makes the automation of processes and workflows effortless while being very flexible: many of its features are fully customizable and therefore can be made to suit different needs and scenarios. ZigiWave’s solution is perfectly scalable, meaning that it can be adapted to any environment, of any level of complexity, allowing for continuous growth.


With ZigiOps, BMC’s clients can extract data from different platforms and use them in a unified manner, aligned with BMC’s best practices and gu

idelines. Instead of manually logging incidents, work orders, tickets or problems, for example, clients can now use ZigiOps to automatically create them, by taking data from a multitude of sources, such as Jira, Dynatrace, Salesforce, Azure, Solarwinds, and more. As a result, data management becomes simpler and easier, and also more time- and cost-efficient, allowing companies to relocate resources to other critical areas.


The automation of data handling allows for seamless in-house processes and improved communication between teams while minimizing the human error factor, which, in turn, leads to higher efficiency. Additionally, automation shortens the handling time of each issue, and subsequently improves overall customer satisfaction - which is key for the success of any organization, big or small.


Both of those factors - improved time- and cost-efficiency, combined with increased overall customer satisfaction - give companies a competitive edge, and can be decisive for their overall performance.


The takeaway


In today's world of increasing complexity and rapid, unpredictable transformations, companies need to make sure their processes are optimized for customer satisfaction - and one of the best ways to achieve that is through continuous simplification and automatization. This eliminates human error, trims down heavy processes, and overall handling time decreases, meaning that each end-customer receives a prompt and adequate solution to their problem. The scalability of existing solutions is also a key factor, since they need to be adaptable to any environment, and to grow together with the companies who are using them. For all of those, ZigiOps delivers. For more information, please see our listing on the BMC Marketplace: