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March 18, 2014, we brought TAP partners another in our series of live, global webinars, intended to give partners in-depth knowledge of the roadmaps for particular solutions. Attendance for the BMC Remedyforce and BMC FootPrints Roadmaps webinar was outstanding.


As with many of our webinars, we are not able to provide a playback of the event due to the confidential information that was disclosed. However, we can share a few highlights with you.


Chad Haftorson, director, product management, for BMC Remedyforce, emphasized that this is a strategic product for both BMC and New releases are regularly made available, and if you would like to see a summary of those releases, please contact Sharon Forman. Chad also stated that Remedyforce is now Pink Elephant certified. The vision for the solution is to improve collaboration between IT and your customers. Chad included a review of upcoming enhancements.

Lorna Russell, product director for BMC FootPrints, also reviewed the enhancements that will be part of that product's upcoming next release, stating that the release addresses many customer ideas. She additionally presented the 12-18-month roadmap for Footprints. The strategic focus for FootPrints is three-fold: ease of administration; fast time to value; and increase business impact.


Many of those who attended the March 18 webinar have inquired about participating in the Beta program for the upcoming BMC FootPrints Service Core 12 release. You can learn how to apply for the Beta program for this release and others through this article posted on the TAP portal: Join the BMC Beta Program.