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BMC Software solutions are broad and feature-rich, which can lead to questions while designing and building your integrations.  Today, I'd like to show you what is available here on the BMC Communities.


Use the search box at the top right of the page to look for discussions by partners and customers with similar challenges. Search works best if you limit to the space for the specific BMC product in question, which you can find in the Products hierarchy that is under the far left header.  Right now search is either the whole site or just one community.  Fairly soon, Communities will provide the ability to search a space and all of its subspaces. 


In order to get all the information you need, be sure that you are logged into the Communities and that you have access to the private TAP partner spaces.  If you don't have a BMC Communities login, you can register, using your company email address and setting Role to Partner.  When you do so, we at TAP are notified and will add you to the TAP permission group.  If you have a login already but it isn't setup for TAP access, please send your user id to (current TAP partners only).


With your TAP login, you can also access the TAP Partner Portal, where we have guides to help you install development environments, build integrations, market your solutions, and more.  In addition, you can start partner-only discussions in the portal, for questions that you don't want in the public areas.  But do be aware that other TAP partners can see your questions.


Coming soon: part two of this series, where I will show you another place to find answers...