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Contributed to the TAP blog by TAP Partner Westbury IT Services


Why did Westbury IT Services pursue validation for its SMI Suite after less than a year as a BMC Technical Alliance Program partner? CEO, Jane Johnson, explains: “First, we want to be in a close relationship with BMC, and validation is the path.


“Second, for customers, validation acts as a proof of the reliability of the Westbury product; it has been tested and has met the criteria set by BMC.”


Westbury describes the SMI Suite as the operational reporting platform for the BMC Remedy Service Desk solution.The Westbury product is aligned with BMC’s direction of helping its clients “Industrialize” the back end and “Consumerize” the front-end user experience.


“By ‘Industrialize,’” says Johnson, “we mean that the SMI Suite is architected to integrate, automate, and simplify all the IT processes and components that must interact seamlessly to put the power of reporting in the hands of the people who need the data: end users, process owners, and managers.


“By ‘Consumerize’ the front-end user experience, we mean that our solution is deployed to end users who want to unleash the hidden insights of their ITSM data with easy, anytime, anywhere access, even on a mobile device.”


The validation process was two steps for the Burlington, Massachusetts-based software developer. First the company prepared the iNote, which ultimately has become a dual-purpose marketing and technical document as it covers the features, benefits, requirements, installation, and usage of the integration. “After we had the iNote ready, the Intertek validation testing – which is the assurance of the product’s quality – took about one month,” Johnson says.


“For those contemplating beginning validation, I’d advise completing the iNote carefully, as doing so will save you time during the validation process,” Johnson adds.


Customers can access the Westbury product information through two paths: the SMI Suite is now listed in the TAP Solution Directory with the logo assuring “TAP Validated.” Customers can also find information about Westbury through the TAP Partner Directory. When interested customers click to download the SMI Suite iNote, Westbury receives the leads and is able to follow up directly.


The two TAP directories are part of Johnson’s reasons for obtaining validation for the company’s product: “Validation allows us to further market our solution to the BMC community – customers, partners, and BMC sales.”

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