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Are you thinking about building or updating an integration with BMC Remedy ITSM, BMC Atrium CMDB, or other BMC Remedy AR System applications?  Then you should take a look at this great overview of all the methods you could use:

Remedy AR System API and Integration Interfaces Overview


It includes the pros and cons of each interface as well as links to download the code and documentation.  The methods covered are:

  1. C API
  2. Java API
  3. Driver CLI
  4. Perl API
  5. .NET and COM API
  6. Ruby API
  7. Jython API
  8. PHP API
  9. Python API
  10. JDBC driver
  11. Filter plugins
  12. ARDBC plugins
  13. AREA plugins
  14. Consuming SOAP Web Services
  15. Publishing SOAP Web Services
  16. Data visualization fields
  17. Email integration
  18. Direct SQL
  19. View forms
  20. AIE/EIE (Atrium/Enterprise Integration Engine)
  21. AI (Atrium Integrator)