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ISV Program

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Our development and documentation teams have been hard at work!  In order to guide both our customers and partners, we have now published some helpful information around using the Salesforce REST APIs specifically for Remedyforce.


Details can be found here:


We hope this is a start for those who are venturing into REST APIs!


Virginia Leandro

Remedyforce Product Manager

David Fiel

Remedy 9.1 Beta is now

Posted by David Fiel Moderator Oct 30, 2015
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Get the latest updates before GA to make sure your integrations are working properly.

BMC Remedy 9.1 Beta Program

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Explore What Remedy 9 Offers TAP Partners
July 14, 2015
11 a.m. (Central)


We've arranged an exclusive webinar for our TAP partners for one of the most exciting new releases from BMC Software this year: the all new Remedy 9 service management platform.

Remedy 9 is an innovative service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes a whole organization more productive. However, don't just take our word on it; hear about it directly from the Remedy 9 product managers, who will present this webinar for TAP partners interested in building integrations.

TAP partners interested in attending should contact to receive the webinar log in and conference call in information and password.

BMC Remedy 9 
Webinar/Conference Call
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
11:00 a.m. (Central)

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Each accepted speaker receives a complementary full conference pass – a value of $1,395


BMC needs content from customers, partners and employees to build more than 200 breakout sessions for BMC Engage 2015. The call for papers window is now open and accepting submissions. Employees can submit ideas and encourage customers and partners to suggest topics. Each accepted speaker receives a complementary full conference pass – a value of $1,395. Hotel and flights are not covered.

BMC Engage 2015 is the essential IT management conference exploring how technology is transforming business.


Current and prospective BMC customers, partners, and industry influencers from around the world come together at BMC Engage for strategic insights and professional networking.


We invite you to share your depth of knowledge, product expertise, and lessons learned. We are building a diverse agenda focused on technical and business topics that span all BMC product lines. Submit a unique and compelling topic for consideration.


Provide value. Deepen understanding. Enable business transformation while promoting your professional reputation.


Applications are open to all BMC customers, partners, and industry experts. Be a part of BMC Engage 2015!

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March 18, 2014, we brought TAP partners another in our series of live, global webinars, intended to give partners in-depth knowledge of the roadmaps for particular solutions. Attendance for the BMC Remedyforce and BMC FootPrints Roadmaps webinar was outstanding.


As with many of our webinars, we are not able to provide a playback of the event due to the confidential information that was disclosed. However, we can share a few highlights with you.


Chad Haftorson, director, product management, for BMC Remedyforce, emphasized that this is a strategic product for both BMC and New releases are regularly made available, and if you would like to see a summary of those releases, please contact Sharon Forman. Chad also stated that Remedyforce is now Pink Elephant certified. The vision for the solution is to improve collaboration between IT and your customers. Chad included a review of upcoming enhancements.

Lorna Russell, product director for BMC FootPrints, also reviewed the enhancements that will be part of that product's upcoming next release, stating that the release addresses many customer ideas. She additionally presented the 12-18-month roadmap for Footprints. The strategic focus for FootPrints is three-fold: ease of administration; fast time to value; and increase business impact.


Many of those who attended the March 18 webinar have inquired about participating in the Beta program for the upcoming BMC FootPrints Service Core 12 release. You can learn how to apply for the Beta program for this release and others through this article posted on the TAP portal: Join the BMC Beta Program.

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BMC Engage 2014, set for October 13-16, in Orlando, Fl., is the premier conference on IT management, helping people drive business transformation with technologies from mainframe to cloud to mobile.


The event brings together BMC customers, partners and experts for a full and diverse agenda of executive insights, best practices, networking and intensive, hands-on technical training. IT professionals will gain the deep insight and technical knowledge they need to master complexity and stay on the leading edge of innovation.


Read the April TAP PLUGGED IN newsletter to learn how you can receive the "super early bird" discount price when registering.


Here's what else we have for you this month:

  • Recap of the March 18 BMC Remedyforce and BMC FootPrints Roadmaps Webinar
  • How to join the BMC beta program, specifically if you want to participate in the beta for FootPrints Service Core v. 12
  • Announcement of a new program between BMC and Microsoft for cloud initiatives
  • Three new executives join the company
  • The date you can expect to start receiving communication regarding the annual TAP renewal process


If you have not received your TAP PLUGGED IN newsletter by email, contact TAP to request your copy.

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All current TAP partners are invited to attend a special TAP WebEx on Tuesday, March 18, 10 a.m. central time.


Chad Haftorson and Lorna Russell, BMC Software product management for the Remedyforce and FootPrints solutions will talk about where these two solutions are now, where the solutions are moving and what opportunities are ahead for our technology partners.


The hour-long session includes time for questions and answers with Chad and Lorna.


News about the October BMC Engage 2014 meeting in Orlando will be announced as well.


Due to the content of this WebEx, only TAP partners can attend, and all participants will need to use a provided Conference Call In number and password. If you did not receive your direct invitation from TAP, which contained this information, please email or


This event will be live only; due to the confidential information that will be disclosed, the call will not be made available for later playback. We regret any inconvenience this may cause those unable to attend.


The TAP team looks forward to your participation on March 18.

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Have you developed a BMC Integration? If so, please contact your BMC Technology Alliance Manager: TAP@ to discuss the many ways you can advance your integration to potentially reach new customers, including receiving the TAP Validated logo on the TAP Partner Portal and on BMC Marketplace.


The key to successfully optimizing the many benefits of BMC TAP is to successfully develop a high-quality BMC Integration and to obtain product validation to increase product visibility.

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BMC Software solutions are broad and feature-rich, which can lead to questions while designing and building your integrations.  Today, I'd like to show you what is available here on the BMC Communities.


Use the search box at the top right of the page to look for discussions by partners and customers with similar challenges. Search works best if you limit to the space for the specific BMC product in question, which you can find in the Products hierarchy that is under the far left header.  Right now search is either the whole site or just one community.  Fairly soon, Communities will provide the ability to search a space and all of its subspaces. 


In order to get all the information you need, be sure that you are logged into the Communities and that you have access to the private TAP partner spaces.  If you don't have a BMC Communities login, you can register, using your company email address and setting Role to Partner.  When you do so, we at TAP are notified and will add you to the TAP permission group.  If you have a login already but it isn't setup for TAP access, please send your user id to (current TAP partners only).


With your TAP login, you can also access the TAP Partner Portal, where we have guides to help you install development environments, build integrations, market your solutions, and more.  In addition, you can start partner-only discussions in the portal, for questions that you don't want in the public areas.  But do be aware that other TAP partners can see your questions.


Coming soon: part two of this series, where I will show you another place to find answers...

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Top-performing BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP) Partners are aware of the many benefits of the BMC TAP program, such as taking advantage of access to BMC Development Support. BMC Software developers are available to coach the partner in the integration process from determining the right BMC products to download to setting up a development environment.



BMC TAP Partners have the opportunity to further capitalize on their partnership through TAP validation. When integration development is complete, TAP Partners should submit their integrated product for validation. Once validated, TAP Partners receive leads generated through online integration notes (iNotes), which customers and sales can download. Validated integrations are marked in the TAP Partner Product Directory on BMC Communities and the BMC Marketplace.


For more information, please contact your BMC TAP Alliance Team at :

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Contributed to the TAP blog by TAP Partner Westbury IT Services


Why did Westbury IT Services pursue validation for its SMI Suite after less than a year as a BMC Technical Alliance Program partner? CEO, Jane Johnson, explains: “First, we want to be in a close relationship with BMC, and validation is the path.


“Second, for customers, validation acts as a proof of the reliability of the Westbury product; it has been tested and has met the criteria set by BMC.”


Westbury describes the SMI Suite as the operational reporting platform for the BMC Remedy Service Desk solution.The Westbury product is aligned with BMC’s direction of helping its clients “Industrialize” the back end and “Consumerize” the front-end user experience.


“By ‘Industrialize,’” says Johnson, “we mean that the SMI Suite is architected to integrate, automate, and simplify all the IT processes and components that must interact seamlessly to put the power of reporting in the hands of the people who need the data: end users, process owners, and managers.


“By ‘Consumerize’ the front-end user experience, we mean that our solution is deployed to end users who want to unleash the hidden insights of their ITSM data with easy, anytime, anywhere access, even on a mobile device.”


The validation process was two steps for the Burlington, Massachusetts-based software developer. First the company prepared the iNote, which ultimately has become a dual-purpose marketing and technical document as it covers the features, benefits, requirements, installation, and usage of the integration. “After we had the iNote ready, the Intertek validation testing – which is the assurance of the product’s quality – took about one month,” Johnson says.


“For those contemplating beginning validation, I’d advise completing the iNote carefully, as doing so will save you time during the validation process,” Johnson adds.


Customers can access the Westbury product information through two paths: the SMI Suite is now listed in the TAP Solution Directory with the logo assuring “TAP Validated.” Customers can also find information about Westbury through the TAP Partner Directory. When interested customers click to download the SMI Suite iNote, Westbury receives the leads and is able to follow up directly.


The two TAP directories are part of Johnson’s reasons for obtaining validation for the company’s product: “Validation allows us to further market our solution to the BMC community – customers, partners, and BMC sales.”

Learn More:
SMI Suite for BMC Remedy Service Desk (TAP Solution Directory)
iNote for SMI Suite for BMC Remedy Service Desk

Westbury (TAP Partner Directory)

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As a BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partner, you now have access to exclusive BMC developer resources, integration support, and marketing benefits. Take advantage of the BMC TAP development assistance with software licenses, service toolkits and developer support to help you optimize your investment.


When integration development is complete, TAP partners can further capitalize on their BMC Technology Alliance Program partnership through TAP Validation. Certification and validation ensure that partners are marketing their solutions to their greatest potential.


Validate your BMC Integration to gain additional support and exposure:

  • Sales Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Visibility
  • Marketing and Communications Support Materials
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  1. Validate: Test and validate your product to gain product visibility and market presence.  Click here to learn more about the three paths the BMC TAP Program offers for product validation.

  2. Success Stories: Sharing success stories is an excellent way to increase visibility, creditability and to gain exposure for your BMC Software Integration. Please contact Sue Fredrickson for further assistance.

  3. Market: Access the BMC TAP Marketing toolkit for BMC TAP Logos, templates, instructional guides and etc… to find interesting ways to leverage the BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP) Brand to promote your new software integration. The marketing toolkit is accessible within the BMC TAP Partner Portal. *This benefit is available to Technology Alliance Programs partners at the Premier and Elite tiers only. 
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Have you successfully developed a BMC TAP validated product and want to share your accomplishment? We want to help you spread the word. Sharing success stories is an excellent way to increase visibility, creditability and to gain exposure for your BMC Software Integration.


BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP) Success Story Support


The TAP Partner Portal contains tips for writing effective success stories about benefits, events, or other announcements of interest to our joint customers. The BMC team works with TAP partners to develop success stories emphasizing partner integrations and customer benefits and to suggest appropriate media venues for sharing.  Please contact Sue Fredrickson for further assistance.


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BMC TAP partners receive technical and marketing benefits, including dedicated development support to produce successful integrations of solutions aligned with BMC Software.


  • Senior Technical Alliance Manager: The BMC TAP Program provides support to coach partners in the integration process from determining the right BMC products to download to setting up a development environment. 


  • BMC Support Site: Partners can download the latest software, along with two or more of the previous versions from the BMC Support site. The support site is also the source for all patches and product documentation files, including release notes, white papers, and technical bulletins.


  • Technical Training: Want to develop an integration, but unfamiliar with BMC Products? TAP offers all a 30% discount on courses from the award-winning BMC Education Services department. BMC Education Services helps user adoption with industry leading practices through world-class certification programs

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