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bad-guy.jpgFeeling vulnerable is uncomfortable because it means you are open to risk. We can feel this way when we have neglected to take proper measures to keep ourselves safe. CIOs who don’t address security issues seldom rest easy.


The upside to being vulnerable is that you are being honest about the situation you are facing rather than living in denial. Denying a dangerous situation puts us more at risk, but directly addressing the danger means that we, as individuals or organizations, regardless of the short-term discomfort, have a better chance to mitigate the danger and secure our safety.


As our dependence on technology grows exponentially so do the associated risks and tools that help us automate and manage the tasks we need to do to protect ourselves.


Comprehensive plans yield big benefits

CIOs recognize the importance of a comprehensive security plan. IDG reports that the cybersecurity industry is seeing one of the biggest increases in spending by organizations this year.


"In 2019, 72% of tech executives expect their spending on cybersecurity to increase, while 25% report it will remain the same. Currently, 63% of organizations have cybersecurity solutions in use – 17% of which are upgrading/ refining their solutions. Of the businesses that don’t have cybersecurity solutions in place, 36% are either researching or piloting their solutions."  -A Guide to the CIO’s 2019 Tech Priorities, IDG


Comprehensive security plans include vulnerability assessments and mediation plans. Unfortunately, these tasks are not once and done operations. Accessing vulnerabilities and addressing them requires constant attention. It is like putting in work to maintain a relationship or staying fit and healthy. The upfront cost and proactive work yields big dividends. Vulnerability assessment should be an integral part of your IT operations.


The cost of data breaches

Data breaches can be devastating. They are often high profile with monetary losses being just the beginning. Theft of confidential data can end careers and deeply damage an organizations brand. According to statistics published by the UK Government, over 40 percent of organizations suffered a security breach of some kind last year – slightly less than a coin toss and other
surveys suggest the odds are worse than that.


However, Gartner studies maintain that 99 percent of the vulnerabilities exploited by the end of 2020 will continue to be ones known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident.


How BMC and BMC partners can help

BMC partners can help you leverage BMC solutions to better identify your security and compliance issues, adding business insight, prioritizing action and then automating the remediation to reduce risk if you’re feeling a little vulnerable, now is the time to take action. Learn more about BMC Vulnerability Management today.



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