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Happy August, Partners! Here are a couple of new resources for you to share with customers and prospects, along with details for each one.


10 Minute Tech Talk Video: Workload Automation and Robotic Process Automation Work Together to Deliver Better Business Services


This video is a great information tool on WLA and RPA and how they work together. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has gotten a lot of hype in recent years. While most would agree the hype is well deserved, there are areas where RPA alone isn’t enough.


In this 10-minute talk, you'll hear:

• How a modern WLA solution can help with service delivery

• How combining forces between WLA and RPA can elevate business service performance





Forrester Thought Leadership Paper: Face The Workflow Automation Gap Head On

FTLP.JPGHelp your customers identify automation capabilities that are critical to the success of their internal and external operations, including their ability to respond to business and market changes, improve the experience of their customers, and realize efficiencies.


Key findings of the report:

  • For many organizations, application workflows miss the mark
  • Automation success depends on the right people, processes, and technology
  • The technology to support workflow automation at scale exists


Highlights of the report:

  • Prevent service failures while accelerating time to market
  • Improve cross-team visibility and collaboration
  • Scale workflow automation more easily across the enterprise


Share this link with your customers:
Improve the speed and quality of digital service delivery with workflow automation - BMC Software

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Control-M Version 20 is now generally available. Partners can focus on helping their customers evolve into an Autonomous Digital Enterprise. The newest version of Control-M helps IT operations leaders deliver new applications to market faster, reduce costs with centralized connection profiles, and accelerate the adoption of new technologies such as Google Cloud services.



Key Enhancements

Developers and other teams can be given more freedom with controlled administrative delegation and additional capabilities to speed up their application development cycles. Centralized Connection Profiles save time by reducing manual actions when deploying or modifying applications. The enhanced Control-M Web reduces training costs for new users while eliminating installation and maintenance of Windows clients.


Your customers can incorporate Google Cloud services into application workflows through out-of-the-box Service Account authentication with Application Integrator and simplify complex containers, Kubernetes, and cloud workflow orchestration with the continuous evolution of Automation API.


Customer Testimonial
“Enhancements to the web interface will let our users get productive with Control-M more quickly and remove much of the time it currently takes for multiple teams to tackle both administrative and operational requests,” said Jonathan Spottswood, Tech Lead, Enterprise Workload Orchestration at GEHA, a BMC customer.


Features include:


  • Centralized Connection Profile (CCP)
  • Role-Based Administration (RBA)
  • New supported job types
  • Enhanced security for remote hosts
  • New supported applications-plug-ins
  • Restore session
  • New Alerts Window
  • AAPI for MFTE
  • File Transfer between different S3 buckets
  • Remote transfers to S3
  • Audit annotation
  • Workload optimization based on cost & SLA
  • New Users Authorizations, Trend Analysis & Host Groups reports

With Control-M 20, your customers can keep up with the increasing demand to deliver digital services faster to compete in the market, scale securely and leverage the latest technologies and processes.


Other Resources

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SOAP guide.jpgHave you heard the term SOAPs lately? The acronym stands for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms, they represent the emergence of an enterprise orchestration engine that spans diverse applications and infrastructures. In this guide, Gartner explains what I&O leaders must use to drive customer-focused agility.


Report Topics

  • Why using SOAPs is necessary to drive customer-focused agility

  • Market recommendations for getting better business value from IT automation

  • Key differences between SOAPs and RPA tools


Key Findings

  • Traditional workload automation strategies are unable to meet the needs of heterogeneous IT environments that include cloud-native infrastructure and big data workloads.
  • Digital business requires multiple teams, both within and outside of IT, to take advantage of real-time, event-driven orchestration of business services.
  • Improved efficiency remains the key driver for investments in I&O automation.


Get the full report: Explore the Gartner Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (SOAPs) - BMC Software

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Several new Control-M resources were released in the past few weeks. We would like to highlight them for you here to make sure you are up to date on what you have available to you as a resource.


Video Series

Brandi and Matt.JPG

Check out our new video series on YouTube called Control-M Crowdsource Corner, aka "Triple C," which answers common Control-M questions. The videos are a fun way to share information about Control-M, and they are only two to three minutes in length.


Control-M Crowdsource Corner Season 1


Customer Stories

We have two new customer stories to share. Sky Italia and Up Si Vale! Sky Italia is a customer-centric business that wanted to make a unique customer experience for some of its most popular shows, such as X Factor, 4 Restaurants, and Uomo Partita (Man of the Match). Mexico-based Up Sí Vale is a financial services provider that is an issuer of pre-paid payment cards and electronic wallets and serves more than 185,000 customers. Before they had an automation solution, 85 of their processes were being executed manually by a team that worked on it 24/7/365. Read more of their stories below, and share them with customers.



CTM and Kubernetes Technote.JPG

Tech Notes

And lastly, we have new guides called "Tech Notes" which give you a technical how-to on a particular subject. The MongoDB tech note explains how to embed MongoDB queries and operations into business workflows and the Kubernetes tech note describes to orchestrate workflows running in a Kubernetes environment to people who have a general knowledge of Control-M and Kubernetes. These are great to share with customers who may be using these technologies already.






There you have it, a great variety of new Control-M content for you to have as a resource and to share with customers. We'd love your feedback—leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Loreal Hunter

New Control-M E-Book!

Posted by Loreal Hunter Employee Jan 13, 2020
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ebook 1.jpgLooking for a resource that can give you an excellent overview of what Control-M is and what it can do for your customers? Download the new Control-M e-book, "Driving Business Modernization with Workflow Orchestration." This resource goes into how Control-M helps organizations accelerate applications with DevOps processes, gain business critical insights from the newest and most demanding data technologies, and deliver complete freedom to choose any infrastructure to meet their business flexibility demands.


The e-book covers how Control-M can help your customers businesses with:


  • Orchestrating end-to-end workflow execution from the mainframe to the cloud, across diverse infrastructure that includes multiple on-premises, public and private cloud resources.
  • Embedding workflow orchestration in the DevOps toolchain so that developers can build automated execution right into their jobs, and complete workflows can be developed, tested, promoted and managed like any other piece of code.
  • Simplifying and scale data pipelines so data can be easily ingested, processed and output to multiple platforms, including Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Snowflake, Redshift and others.


Also included in the e-book are insightful quotes from, April Johnson, Senior Engineer and Project Manager at Seattle Public Schools, Larry E. Hicks, Manager Data Center Services IT Infrastructure at Eaton and a couple of others to give you a full picture of what Control-M can help accomplish.


Download the e-book now


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ControlMGettingStartedGuide.PNGWhile many customers have been using Control-M for some time, there’s always more Control-M can help them do to run and reinvent their business. Whether a net new logo, a new hire within an existing customer, or a long-time Control-M user, all will benefit from our Getting Started Guide full of easy to consume information and links to more detailed how-to documents and videos.



The Control-M Communities site is the ideal place for our customers to engage with not only one another but also BMC subject matter experts and our partner network. Recently we reached a major milestone of 1,500 active users.  An active user is an identified customer, prospect, partner or employee that has engaged with a post or contributed content on the Control-M Communities site within a specified period. There are a lot of people interested in discussing Control-M and our Communities site is the best place to keep these conversations going.


Some key features of the Control-M Getting Started Guide include:

  • Navigating Control-M video – Control-M subject matter expert, Robby Dick, welcomes viewers and walks them through the Control-M interface in a brief introductory video. 



  • What Control-M can do videos – A library of high-level, 2-3 minute videos that highlight some key Control-M capabilities was developed based on survey feedback from customers and sales. 
  • ‘Connect-With’ video series – For a deeper dive into more technical details of Control-M, we’re directing users to our best-in-class Control-M Support team’s Connect-With video library on YouTube. 
  • Communities discussion forums – Viewers can post questions directly to the Control-M Communities site, start a conversation or suggest new content that would add value for users of the guide


Visit the Control-M Getting Started Guide, here.